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Nintendo Switch suspended to supplement the highest within the daily range, up to more than half

Nintendo Switch suspended to supplement the highest within the daily range, up to more than half
On April 8th, according to the “Japan Economic News” report, the switching of the host of the famous Japanese game manufacturer Nintendo was affected by the epidemic, and production lags.The expansion of Switch, Switch Lite and other hosts in the Japanese domestic market has been temporarily suspended, and the time to resume and restart has not yet been determined.The signs of out-of-stock have long been visible.In February 2020, Nintendo issued an announcement on the official website saying that the manufacture and transportation of the Switch host have been affected and delayed during the epidemic.And after Nintendo’s recently launched fitness ring, “Let’s Gather!”Driven by popular games such as “Animal Mori Club”, the inventory of consoles is further urgent.A hard-to-find item in the market has also continuously raised the price of the host.According to a Nikkei Chinese website report, the switch host has expanded to 5 on too many e-commerce platforms?Around 70,000 yen (about RMB 3254?4556 yuan), far more than 299.The suggested retail price of 99 US dollars (about 2130 yuan).The reporter learned that the price of the Switch host in the domestic market has also increased.On April 8, a number of game stores told reporters that the current general price of the switch host is about 2500?3000 yuan, and even some store prices have reached 3700 yuan, far higher than the official price of about 2100 yuan.The reporter also noticed that although there are still merchants who maintain the price of the mainframe at 2100 yuan, most of them are out of stock.”Prices have indeed increased recently.”But usually Hong Kong version, Japanese version, European and American version and other hosts.”A store said,” the price of the National Bank version is still in a normal state, but due to the replacement of the game, few people buy it.”Sauna, Ye Wang Qin Che editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Liu Baoqing

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