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Why is it that Chinese men’s basketball basically missed the Tokyo Olympics?The competition is too fierce

Why is it that Chinese men’s basketball basically missed the Tokyo Olympics?The competition is too fierce
The Chinese men ‘s basketball team defeated the World Cup, and the basketball association chairman Yao Ming was disappointed.Photo / Osports Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) On November 27, the draw of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics men ‘s basketball draw was held at the FIBA headquarters. 24 participating teams were divided into Belgrade, Kaunas, and SplitIn particular, the Victoria 4 division.From June 23 to 28, 2020, the defeat will start in the four divisions at the same time, and the first place in each division can advance to the Tokyo Olympics.The Chinese men’s basketball team was divided into Group A in the Victoria Division of Canada. The opponents in the same group were Greece, Canada, and the other three teams in the same division were Uruguay, Czech Republic and Turkey.Long before the result of the draw, the new Chinese men’s basketball coach Du Feng once admitted in an interview that losing the game is an impossible task, and the reality is indeed true, the Chinese men’s basketball team has basically been determined to miss the Tokyo Olympics.After the end of the 2019 Basketball World Cup, seven teams have directly advanced to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. With the host of the Japanese men’s basketball team, there are only 4 places left for the 12 men’s basketball events in the Tokyo Olympics.For the Chinese men’s basketball team who missed the opportunity to go straight to Tokyo, they had lost 24 in 4 and the competition was extremely fierce.The final draw result was released, and the Chinese men’s basketball team was divided into the death group in the death zone.According to the Olympic Games lost match system, the 6 teams in each division are divided into two groups, group A and group B, respectively, within the group single cycle, after the decision within the group before the replacement, 4 teams cross position, singleIn the knockout games, only the final Olympics can get the only Olympic tickets.This means that the Greek team, the Canadian team, the Uruguay team, the Czech team, and the Turkish team are the territory of the Chinese men’s basketball team.The Chinese men’s basketball team needs to play against the Greek and Canadian teams in the same group. At least one of them will win the replacement before Group A; even before the Group A replacement, they will also have to play with Uruguay, Czech Republic and Turkey.The teams in the team directly confront each other and win this knockout match and the final division final in order to get the top spot in the division. It is hard to imagine.The Greek team was led by last season ‘s NBA regular season MVP “Alphabet Brother” Adetokumbo. It is the most popular team in the 2019 World Cup. Although it only won the 11th place in the World Cup, there is the possibility of “Alphabet Brother”.It is the number one hit in the Victoria Division.The Canadian team is also determined to win the Olympic tickets, actively hosting drop games, actively recruiting Wiggins, Murray, Barrett and other popular NBA stars, they hope to advance to the Tokyo Olympics at home.In addition, the Czech team is the biggest dark horse in the 2019 Basketball World Cup. Under the leadership of the top star Satoranski, the Czech team finally won the sixth place in the World Cup; the Turkish team is led by stars such as Ottoman and Ilya Sova, if notIn the death group, they also have the opportunity to advance to the top 16 of the World Cup; Uruguay is undoubtedly the weakest team in the Victoria Division. Facing the same fate as the Chinese men’s basketball team, they may only finish two games in the group.In the round-robin game, you have to end the trip to the losing game early.Attachment: 2020 Tokyo Olympics men’s basketball qualifiers 4 divisions (the first place to win Olympic tickets) Belgrade Division (Serbia) Group A: Dominica, New Zealand, Serbia Group A: Lithuania, South Korea, Venezuela Group B: Poland, Slovenia,Angola Split Division (Croatia) Group A: Germany, Russia, Mexico Group B: Tunisia, Croatia, Brazil Victoria Division (Canada) China, Canada Group B: Uruguay, Czech Republic, Turkey

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