May 25

Said so,I doubled the price twice in a row,I thought it could be taken this time,I didn’t expect my husband, Cheng Yaojin, to be killed halfway.。

“What’s wrong with me,Why blame me,I’m telling the truth,You saw it with your own eyes?”Zhou Tianlong was inexplicably tricked by his wife。
“Too lazy to care about you。”Liu Huimin has no thoughts to talk to Zhou Tianlong,She just wants to buy the small bottle of resurrection liquid。
“correct,Hua Divine Doctor,My father asked me to take him to say hello to you,Also happy birthday to you,Subi nanshan。”
Don’t mention it or don’t know,When I mentioned it, Zhou Tianlong suddenly thought that he was here to celebrate his birthday.,But because I saw Qin Feng, I forgot,After thinking about it,Zhou Tianlong stepped forward and said。
“Then please Mr. Zhou,Thank you Mr. Zhou for me。”Doctor Hua said lightly,Obviously Zhou Tianlong’s approach,Makes Qin Feng seem to be today’s protagonist。
Especially the appearance of Zhou Tianlong,And what he said,It really seems to confirm what Qin Feng said before,I am a quack。
And Zhou Tianlong’s happy birthday,More like a big palm,Hit the genius doctor Hua hard on the face。
Especially the sentence,I barely survived after taking my own medicine,But after taking Qin Feng’s medicine, he was cured,Isn’t this just telling everyone that he is not as good as others?,So Doctor Hua is very dissatisfied。
“Hahaha,Hua Divine Doctor,Sorry,Are we late?”Qin Fengwen prestige goes,Unexpectedly, it was Old Zhen and Old Li who walked in。
“Zhen Lao,Li Lao,Hahaha it’s not too late, it’s not too late,Have missed,I miss you far away!”anyway,Doctor Hua’s face has not smiled for a long time,And the arrival of Mr. Zhen and Mr. Li,Only then did the genius doctor Hua smile again。
Well known,Both Zhen Lao and Li Lao are authorities in the medical field,Usually these two elders rarely attend such banquets,This time the genius doctor Hua also invited the second elder with the mentality of giving it a try,I didn’t expect the second old man to really appreciate his face。
This is enough to prove like an outsider,He Hua’s genius doctor is not in vain,His medical skills are also recognized by the two elders,Needless to say anything else,Just sit there,Is a living sign。

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