June 22

I felt sour when I saw my daughter,I was very angry when I saw the prospective son-in-law,But everyone is a man,Even if there are thousands of unwillingness in my heart,Zhu Guosheng can only comfort himself by force,This is retribution!Received a call from my daughter,She knew she was lying to her classmates,But Zhu Guosheng still has to endure his heartache,Seriously tell my daughter。

Put down the phone,The solid wood handrails around Zhu Guosheng were crushed by him。
Zhu Zhengkang came home and happened to meet his third uncle who was still angry,I dare not put a fart,I knew my sister was fooled away by her future mother-in-law today!
Greeted hurriedly,Zhu Zhengkang went upstairs。Who dares to be at such a moment,Touched an old father who was cheated by his daughter?
Just imagine if one day I face my third uncle,Then Zhu Zhengkang really has a murderous heart!
And in Guo Enting’s home,Since Zhu Shiyao stayed overnight for the first time,Guo Enting’s parents quarreled because of small conflicts,Guo Enting’s mother seized her son’s room。
Since then,Stay overnight at Guo Enting’s house,Guo Enting and Zhu Shiyao lived in the same room.。
And every time Zhu Shiyao stays,,Never once can I successfully show my virtuousness,From buying vegetables and cooking to cleaning,Inside and out, Guo Enting’s mother managed it all alone,And keep reminding young people that work is stressful,I should go back to the room early and intermittently。
Sometimes too busy,You don’t need Zhu Shiyao to interfere,Directly recruit Guo Enting’s father who read the news,And it’s the kind of forced conscription。
Guo Enting’s father dare not speak,All sacrifices are for myself to hold my grandson as soon as possible。
at night,After some rain,Zhu Shiyao has fallen asleep deeply,Guo Enting lying next to her is tossing and turning。
do not know why,Especially after seeing Bai Lu,Guo Enting regretted not making an inch in Bai Lu’s room that day。
Thinking of Bai Lu’s figure at the airport during the day,Why can’t Guo Enting fall asleep?,Over and over,Somehow,Xiao Xiaoxiao’s figure appeared in Guo Enting’s mind again。
Thinking about going,I couldn’t help but feel an evil thought in my belly,But most of the toss,It really makes Guo Enting unable to lift a trace of energy。

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