June 30

but,When he raised his head,But stunned。

Because the entrance of the rented small single room,Parked a brand new car,It just happened to block his door tightly。
This is embarrassing!I wanted to invite my nephew to eat at home,By the way, is there any way to make money,But even the door of my house is blocked,What kind of business is this?!
Uncle’s face turned red,I scratched my elbow embarrassedly。
Wang Xiaopang saw this scene,The little fat guy will come,Didn’t think much,Yelled:“Whose car?Move!Blocking my door!”
Yelled twice,No answer,Several heads poked out from the windows upstairs,Look at them curiously。
“Stop shouting,Shall we squeeze in!”Uncle flushed,Walk quickly to the door,Take out the key,Seems to want to open the door sideways。
at this time,There was a scream from the opposite corridor。
“Damn!You damned countryman!You want to shave my car!Are you impatient?!”
Talking room,A body comparable to a beer barrel,The sturdy aunt with a fancy face rushed out of the dark corridor,Furiously rolled towards my uncle。
Lu Menglin’s first reaction was that the orcs in the game started charging,Auntie’s body,This posture,Stronger than the orcs,Absolutely worse than。
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text Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Two Somebody messed up
? Uncle surprised aunt,I was caught between the car and the door,I dare not move。
The aunt is wearing a red dress and green pants with spicy eyes,It’s like I just finished twisting the Yangko,Staring at my uncle,If it weren’t for her figure, she wouldn’t be able to squeeze into the seam at all,I guess she can pull out my uncle directly。
“You hillbillies,Do you know how much this car is?,Can you afford it?”Beer barrel mom with hands on hips,Yelled viciously。

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