July 12

after all,Big shots in the state cabinet,Isn’t it easy to find you trouble??

Frank·Robinson could not speak,He is completely desperate,It’s like Kenneth in front of me·As Mr. Kulle said,The minister of the state cabinet wants to trouble himself,Isn’t it too simple?
“thank you,Mr. Kulle,”Frank·Robinson heads down to Kenneth·Kuler thanked:“Thank you for your professional consulting service,I think,It’s time for me to leave……”
But Kenneth·Kulle’s next words,Let Frank who is about to get up and leave·Robinson’s butt seemed to be glued to the chair……
“go away?”Kenneth·Kuler looked at Frank sympathetically·Robinson,Speak softly:“Mr. Robinson,Although I don’t know how you grieved with that big man,But with my years of experience,I can tell you with certainty,That big man deliberately embarrassed your bidding this time,I’m actually waiting for you to give in,Are you sure you really want to leave now?You are gone now,Not only did this bidding miss you,I am afraid that in the future government bidding behaviors in the entire state of Michigan, it will completely miss you.。”
There is a feeling of extreme resentment in his heart:What happened?You mean you are embarrassed and I am still doing me good?
But there was a voice in my heart telling him:Yes,Mr. Kulle is right,The other party is really waiting for him to confess his mistake,Otherwise such a big man,I’m not embarrassing myself in this way。
Frank·Robinson knows very well,Although I have some money,But it’s worth just tens of millions of dollars;
In the U.S,My own Robinson Helicopter Company is indeed only a medium-sized company,Influence is extremely limited……
“Ok,Mr. Kulle,What you said is right,”Frank finally realized the seriousness of the problem·Robinson,Took a deep breath:“Solve the problem if there is a problem。”
Kenneth·Kulle thumbs up:“Smart people。”

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