July 15

Xiao Fan listened to this summer complaint,But there is no meaning to answer the words at all!

Just listen to summer:“Really too much,Could it be that he thought my eyes had a see-through eye?,Can see if there is jade in an ordinary stone,This person,It’s really abnormal。”
Under the grumbling of the summer,Two people came to the jade field。
Before getting off。Xiao Fan asked:“Under what circumstances will you pass the assessment?”
“There must be jade in at least two of the ten。”The summer when I said this was extremely depressed,This is too difficult。
But Xiao Fan just nodded indifferently,Said:“it is good,I know!”
Chapter Sixty Three Green
Wait for Xiao Fan to park the car,After bringing summer to the jade field,The jade field is already full of people。
On both sides of a trail that looks like the main road of a jade field,Jade stalls one after another,Big and small,Shape**。
The front of their booth is full of various stones。
Actually enter the jade field from one,Xia’s eyes never left these“jade”,Actually it’s called Jade Field,But here you can’t even see any jade。
Look around,All eyes are stones。
Except for the size of these stones、The shapes and colors are all different,In summer, I really can’t see where they are different。
Summer look at the left,Look at the right,The brains are buzzing suddenly!
If this is to let her come here by herself,She is afraid that she is going to be submerged in these rocks。
If anyone can find jade in these stones,Xia Xia really feels that this person must have been secretly given to him by heaven,Otherwise, how can normal people do it?!

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