September 28

Samadhi Real Fire,But‘Real fire’level,According to the legend, it is the Taoist lineage method of the Sanqing Taoists,Perfect for alchemy。

Its flame power is not violent,But it’s also real fire,The power of real fire,It’s comparable to Li Ming’s invisible kamikaze。
And under the control of the formation,If the time is long enough,Are enough to refine Li Ming’s divine body。
“Ming Daoyou,Are you sure to crack this formation??”
“I’m afraid it’s not as simple as before!”Li Ming has a bad face:“The gods and demons should be controlling the formation,Array prohibitions are constantly changing,The break time is at least a hundredfold increase。”
“Three hundred days,This flame has already turned us into ashes!”
“Then forcefully break the formation!”A hint of sharpness appeared on the delicate face of the black and white。
So-called forced break,Is to break the battle with force,Regardless of the law of the formation itself,But to break through this big array purely by violence。
If there is a master formation master presiding over this big formation,And there are a lot of manpower to control,Breaking the battle with force is impossible。
But now it is a Void Returning God and Demon who controls this formation。
Li Ming feels,Still very promising,After all, the realm of Void Returning God and Demon is generally not as good as that of Tianxian。
“Black and white,You and I join forces to attack in that direction!”Li Mingxin Yiheng,Roughly choose a weak spot。
Three heads and six arms,Each arm forms the power of a small world。

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