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After the meal, do this after exercise, the damage is 10 times bigger than usual!

After the meal, do this after exercise, the damage is 10 times bigger than usual!

For the smoker who can’t do without cigarettes, the taste of smoking is equivalent to depriving him of his life.

Reducing the harm of cigarettes to the body is the first step in smoking.

Correct the two error areas below.

A cigarette after a meal, played a living fairy?

After the party was full of satiated food, common friends greeted each other with smoke, swallowed clouds, and talked loudly.

As everyone knows, smoking immediately after a meal is harmful to human health.

After eating, the digestive system is immediately activated, and various physiological activities such as digestion and absorption are carried out.

At this point, the body’s renal peristalsis is fully restored, blood circulation is also accelerated; the body’s pores are also open, emitting excess heat and biological breathing that tightens the tissue cells.

At this time of smoking, the lungs and body tissues absorb the smoke greatly, the harmful substances in the smoke have a great stimulating effect on the breathing and digestive tract; other alkaloids will also increase into the human body, possiblyGive the body tissue extra damage than usual smoking.

Experiments have shown that a cigarette after a meal is more poisonous than the usual smoke of ten cigarettes.

Therefore, the harm of smoking after a meal is very large.

Those who have not quit smoking at the moment should at least overcome the habit of smoking after meals.

Smoking after exercise is conducive to restoring physical strength?

Take the very popular badminton sport as an example. During the break period, there are many men who smoke a cigarette.

Many people did not expect that smoking immediately after exercise would be more harmful.

After exercise, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, and various organs in the body are in a high level of work. At this time, smoking and a large amount of smoke enter the body, which will be less satisfied by the body after exercise, and more susceptible to carbon monoxide, nicotine and the like.Hazard.

In addition, there is a common name for smoking after exercise, called “burning lungs.”

This kind of behavior was supposed to be allowed in the war – called in the war years, smoking after the battle, is to stimulate the lungs and brain, so that it can return to normal or re-energize.

However, the movement is different.

Human movement is to get the state after exercise. This “fatigue” state needs to be restored by its own system. After a long time, the body system accepts and adapts. This is exercise.

So don’t overcome smoking to drive out fatigue.

Why do people want to smoke after the first exercise and stimulation?

This is because the human body hopes to return to normal or hyperactive state. If this is not caused by exercise or even smoking, it is quite ironic!

If you have a cigarette addiction, please wait for your breathing and heartbeat to reach the usual level.

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