October 25

Li Tianchou sat up from the bed,Order two people,“You two go find Depu and Ahuang now,Call people from house to house,How much can be mobilized,All meet at the intersection outside the small market。But never force,Do you understand everything??”

Two lead,Galloping away like a gust of wind。
“go,We also started。”Li Tianchou went out first,You Shilong followed closely,Yuan Hua hesitated,“Hey,Don’t wait for old Wu?”
“Not waiting,You come to inform,He knows how to do it himself。”Li Tianchou never looked back,Has disappeared in the dark alley with You Shilong。Yuan Hua cursed secretly and had to follow it。
I heard the noise when I arrived near the small market,Although not very noisy,But in the quiet night, it also seems particularly ear-piercing。Li Tianchou and You Shilong walked around the ruins and gradually approached the construction vehicles,There are a lot of people standing around the car,A tall and strong man is questioning,“Have you checked it all??”
“A total of twelve,All checked。Just so two gasping,Carried it out together。”Another person answered。
Li Tianchou has good night vision,Follow the answerer’s voice and look very hard,Seeing that there are two very simple beds side by side on the ruins not far away,People lying faintly on the bed,May be elderly people with limited mobility。He got angry at seeing,Tell You Shilong,“Don’t show up yet,Who moves the car,Greet someone with a brick,Constantly changing position。None of the people present today can’t be let go。”
You Shilong nodded,But at the same time there are doubts,“It’s so cheap, these grandsons?”
“Not yet time,Let’s talk about Wu Fang。”
“Where’s the kid surnamed Yuan?”You Shilong will naturally not forget Yuan Hua。
“He can hear,Near us,Sneaky。”Li Tianchou deliberately buried a sentence,Sure enough, there was a cold snort not far from behind。
At this moment the strong man looked at the two beds,Commanded loudly,“Then start work,Move faster。”Just finished,Immediately someone started climbing the bulldozer。
A few swishes,The bricks in the hands of Li Tianchou and others have flown out from different angles,There was a terrible cry immediately。A hapless breast was hit by a half brick,Fell straight from the car,The other two were all hit by the legs,Although painful,But much better than the miserable person who fell。
“Really black!”Li Tianchou turned his head and looked behind him,Yuan Hua’s hidden place has been silent。At this time, You Shilong also ran away from him and disappeared.。

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