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[Can auntie liver eat mutton]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

[Can auntie liver eat mutton]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

Lamb is a kind of delicious food, and a kind of food that many people like to eat.

The nourishing effect of mutton on the human body is still relatively large.

Of course, for some people with physical health problems, they must eat mutton with caution.

So, can auntie liver patients eat mutton?

Auntie liver patients have no problem eating mutton, but it should be noted that they should not be overdone!

First, can auntie liver eat mutton?

It’s okay to eat some mutton.

But keep in mind that mutton can absorb a variety of nutrients such as high protein, trace amounts and rich vitamins. It is a tonic in food therapy. Excessive consumption will increase its surplus and increase the burden of hypertension, especially infants.Liver patients will aggravate the accumulation of feces and disease of the liver, so mutton must not be eaten more, or the feces and liver may be aggravated and the gains outweigh the benefits.

Experts remind everyone: For adults with advanced liver disease, it is best to eat less or no mutton, everything should be based on the illness.

Second, the daily care of aunt liver 1.

A reasonable and reasonable three meals daily budget should be allocated reasonably, so that the thickness and nutrition are balanced, and a sufficient amount of protein can remove liver fat.

Avoid alcohol and smoking, eat less greasy foods, control light intake, and especially avoid animal aunts.


Appropriate exercise: Insist on physical exercise every day, depending on your physical fitness, choose appropriate sports, such as jogging, table tennis, badminton and other sports.

It is necessary to start from a small amount of exercise gradually and gradually to reach an appropriate amount of exercise to strengthen the consumption of the aunt in the body.

Third, the treatment of auntie liver treatment guidelines: removing the cause is conducive to the cure of auntie liver.

Adjust diet structure; increase exercise appropriately to promote adult consumption in the body.

Selenium supplement and medication.

Drug treatment: Since then, there are no specific drugs for fatty liver in vitro.

Western medicine often substitutes to protect liver cells, lipid-lowering drugs and antioxidants, such as vitamin B, C, E, lecithin, ursodeoxycholic acid, silymarin, inosine, coenzyme A, reduced glutathione, taurine, Carnitine orotate, and some lipid-lowering drugs.

It can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicines such as Danshen, Hawthorn, Cajun Cassia, Zexie, Chaihu Decoction, Wuling Powder.

Prognosis: Unfortunately, liver is a reversible disease, and the prognosis of active treatment is generally good.

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