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Acupuncture weight loss is not particularly painful!

Acupuncture weight loss is not particularly painful!

For the pure external force and wound-free weight loss method of Chinese medicine massage, another kind of acupuncture method of Chinese medicine weight loss causes small wounds, but the embedding method is especially sought after by young and middle-aged people.

Miss Wang is knowing from the Internet that too many girls of her age are trying a Chinese medicine diet called “embedding method”.

What line is buried?

How to bury?

Is it effective?

Miss Wang is full of doubts.

After browsing a lot of medical websites, she learned that the “buried line method” is only an extension of the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture method. The basic principle is acupuncture, but everyone is too busy to report to the doctor on the day, so the acupuncture effect is extended by this method.It is.

When I spent 100 yuan in a row, Ms. Wang went to the Chinese medicine hospital to give her acupuncture once every time, and then buried the line, 162cm height, the original 68kg weight of Miss Wang, after acupuncture five times, found that she lost two pounds.

  Acupuncture weight loss fundamentally regulates the entry and exit of food.

Through acupuncture and meridian stimulation, the appetite is gradually lowered, the digestion and absorption become better, and the body metabolism is smoother.

When you eat less and detoxify, the fat will naturally decrease.

It is fundamentally a cure, and it is an adjustment to the state of the body’s imbalance.

  Dr. Lin Guohua, acupuncture and moxibustion department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine University, said that obesity is still an imbalance. It is a disorder of yin and yang and visceral function. Through these small silver needles used for acupuncture treatment, the spleen and stomach are mainly selected.Stimulation, the common appetite of diabetic patients, the consumption is less, the symptoms such as poor excretion are improved, and the function of regulating the disordered organs is achieved.

After acupuncture treatment, most people can effectively improve the original improvement of appetite, and the metabolic function and mental state have improved.

  Dr. Pan Wenyu from the hospital said that the acupoint embedding weight loss is buried in the corresponding acupoints with special protein lines, so that it replaces the acupuncture therapy with small silver needles to stimulate the acupoints, and then the protein lines will be liquefied, dissolved and absorbed by the body.It is only necessary to refill the line, which can reduce the number of hospital visits and save time.

Want a more effective acupuncture weight loss, acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, embedding, needle placement, acupoint injection, acupoint bloodletting and other acupuncture methods have to be combined flexibly, sometimes with cupping, remove the body’s moisture, dredge meridians.

  Acupuncture is suitable for people with weight loss.

Most people who are soft blocks, as well as soft blocks.

  Compared with hard micro-blocks, acupuncture weight loss is more suitable for reducing soft micro-blocks.

Aunt’s soft and hard, can be recognized through touch.

Doctors believe that hard micro-blocks are mostly formed from small, that is, the number of micro-cells is large, and simple acupuncture weight loss can not reduce the number of micro-cells, so acupuncture weight loss has little effect on such micro-blocks.

The soft sputum block is a large volume of each adult cell, and the acupuncture weight loss effect is good and fast.


Systemic obesity and local obesity in diabetes.

  Because the abdomen is the spleen through the stomach and stomach, thereby regulating the main acupuncture weight loss method, the weight loss effect on the abdomen is the most significant.


Simple obesity.

  Obesity generally has simple obesity and secondary obesity.

Simple obesity is an excessive increase caused by excessive supplementation of too much metabolism. It can be treated by acupuncture to lose weight.

Secondary obesity is obesity caused by certain diseases. It is ineffective or short-acting to lose weight through simple acupuncture. It can only be treated by treating the disease itself, and blocking too many sources can really lose weight.

  Acupuncture weight loss contraindications: bleeding constitution, blood disease patients, coagulation mechanism problems.

  Because acupuncture weight loss has a silver needle directly tied to the subcutaneous stimulation point, although the needle eye is small, but it can also cause damage to some people with blood clotting disorders. Therefore, doctors recommend that these patients do not perform any acupuncture treatment.

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