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[Eating these foods often suffers from wealth and disease!

[Eating these foods often suffers from wealth and disease!

Hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and obesity, basically any three of which occur simultaneously, become the “new wealthy disease”. Because of its increased risk of death from cardiac and brain accidents, it is called a “death quartet”.

Experts point out that although “new wealth disease” is more common in middle-aged and elderly people, the average age at which metabolic abnormalities occur has actually begun in their 30s.

In order to prevent “new wealthy diseases”, the key lies in early prevention. Targeted treatment should be started when a large amount of free radicals are produced and metabolic abnormalities occur.

1. Entertainment leads to “wealth disease” Entertainment is the tradition of the Chinese people, and it is also a necessity for communication in modern society.

Especially at the beginning and end of the year, many people wander around the dining table almost every day. If they do n’t pay attention to eating and drinking, sub-health and disease will be unintentional and cause physical harm.

Entertainment is a catalyst for connecting feelings, but it must not be a stumbling block to health.

Due to busy entertainment at the end of the year, too many “rich and noble diseases” aggravate the illness or emerge new situations.

Hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and sleep overdrafts are the main manifestations of entertainment syndrome.

Everyone knows that entertainment is often inseparable from eating, eating more and consuming less, leading to excess nutrition and obesity.

Similarly, excessive animal protein intake increases the burden on the kidneys.

Excessive intake of acidic substances such as chicken, duck, fish, and meat can easily cause fatigue, fatigue, and inability to lift the spirit, and eventually lead to a series of diseases.

Don’t drink spirits at the table.

Because 7,000 kcal of energy is contained in 1 gram of alcohol, spirits are definitely high-transfer drinks.

Taboo patients with diabetes and hyperglycemia are taboo.

Tips: Try to eat less meat as much as possible, and appropriately increase the intake of soy products. Chicken, duck, meat and other animal foods should be avoided. Otherwise, the human body will show an acidic constitution and be prone to fatigue.

And too much protein can’t be used, it can only be excreted through the kidney, which will increase the kidney’s burden virtually.

Especially in patients with hypertension, kidney function has been damaged to varying degrees, and renal excretion is indeed worse.

Soy products have a lipid-lowering effect on excessive hyperlipidemia in adults.

Unsaturated fatty acids in fish are also beneficial for reducing fat.

No picky eaters, no partial eaters, eat one chopstick at most, no more than three chopsticks.

Be sure to chew slowly and eat as much vegetables as possible. The ratio of vegetables to lotus is controlled from 3: 1 to 4: 1, so that even if you accidentally eat more, you can also excrete it with the substitute fiber in vegetables.

Drink a limited amount of alcohol. A small amount of alcohol can promote gastric secretion, help digestion, and promote blood circulation.

Red wine is the best choice.

Persuasion, addiction, and drunkenness are not good for your health.

Also, it’s best to have some rice at the end.

You can eat fruit after meals, but tea and smoking are not recommended, because the residual acid in tea will hinder the absorption of calcium and iron in food.

Therefore, in the year-end entertainment, avoid overeating, diet should be light.


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