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[How to cook in a pan]_Pan_How to cook_How to cook

[How to cook in a pan]_Pan_How to cook_How to cook

Pan is a very common kitchen utensil. It can cook a lot of cuisines and can also make some pasta, but pan cooking is different from other pans. Here are some pan cooking methods.

If you bake the spring cake, you can roll out the noodles and put them on a plate. Put a set of noodles in the pan without oil. For 30 seconds, the noodles will slowly bulge.It’s almost ready to burn.

Put some oil in the pan and turn the pan so that the oil spreads over the pan.

Pour in the egg liquid and turn the pan to spread the egg liquid evenly on the pot; heat over low heat, turn the surface after it solidifies, and fry for another minute.

First, use a pan to bake for two purposes. One is to make the bottom of the cake brown and get the same effect as the oven. The other is to reduce the cooking time of the oven. Otherwise, the cake will grow short and the taste of the vegetables will be affected.
Put a small amount of cooking oil in the pan, fry the tofu to golden brown on both sides, and remove it. Cut the fried tofu in half, shave the taste; you can fry in the pan or bake in the oven. If you use the oven,Plates should be tinned or coated with butter.

The method of soaking black beans in vinegar is very simple; first, prepare a pan and put black beans.

But don’t put oil, fry for about a minute on medium heat. After the black bean skin is broken, change to low heat, fry for another minute, don’t fry, cool the fried black beans for a few minutes, and put them in a clean container with packaging.

Then add vinegar and soak for about two hours. After the vinegar is absorbed by the black beans, it is ready to eat.

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