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There are men and women tears in his songs, and the true meaning of marriage

There are men and women tears in his songs, and there is also the true meaning of marriage | 夜 问
Answer: Zhang Yu wrote songs to Wan Fang, Jiang Meiqi, Na Ying, Peng Ling, and Zhang Huimei.Hearing Zhang Yu, perhaps his most popular song in recent years is “For You”-it must be a special fateIt ‘s possible to find happiness. This song often appears in various wedding scenes and short videos.Lyrics full of blessings, like a message for newcomers, tell the true meaning of marriage.But if you specifically listen to Zhang Yu’s song, you will find that you are looking for sugar in the knife.His songs are almost all bitter love songs, love is parting, and hopeless, heartbroken urban men and women can find resonance through his songs.You give me a scene / you look at me fascinated / the feelings of being peeled off from your heart / the pain hurts somehow. When you let him put you on the ring with a ring / I notice the complex smile on you/ That was supposed to be me / The promise I made to you / Now I can only hide and lively-“Qu Zhongren San” On April 30, 1967, singer Zhang Yu was born.In elementary school, he got his first piano, and he became attached to music.In middle school, they formed bands and created music; when they started college, they began to participate in singing competitions, which made people unexpectedly reside in various restaurants.Introduced by mortal duet (Mo Fan, Yuan Weiren), it was officially excavated by music producer Cai Zongzheng.Since then, he has released albums, gained fame, and won numerous awards.When everyone mentions Zhang Yu’s road to singers, he will not forget the “Eleven Lang”, which is his wife Xiao Huiwen.She is the military officer behind him, writing more than 100 words for him, among them “Good Heart”, “The Rain Has Been Falling”, and “The Disaster Caused by the Moon”, etc. have helped Zhang Yu to rise to a higher level in his career.She understands his characteristics, as well as the delicate blessings of women, plus Zhang Yu’s song, the two are in perfect harmony, and cooperate with each other.In addition to writing songs for himself, he also wrote to a number of singers, slightly writing “Falling in Love with Your Pain”, “Soft Heart” and “Guessing Heart” for Wan Fang, “Remembering” for Jiang Meiqi, and “Sad Romance” for Na Ying, Wrote “Prison Bird” to Peng Ling, “Made Early” to Zhang Huimei . There are some female singers who adapted and sang his songs, just like Faye Wong’s “Rufeng”, the original song is “Guess the Heart”, his”Moon caused trouble” became “It’s all your fault” in Chen Huilin’s and Zheng Zhongji’s singing . and “Xiao Duo Ye Ye” with Xiao S Xu Xidi.Now listen to Zhang Yu’s song, you will feel no outdated.His songs do not belong to a certain era, but belong to men and women who will always be in the emotional process.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Liu Baoqing

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