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Wuhan staff inspected multi-concept stocks daily limit 5 listed companies won the bid for Hubei central mining

Wuhan staff inspected multi-concept stocks daily limit 5 listed companies won the bid for Hubei central mining
With the announcement of the news of the “ten-day conference” for the screening of all new coronavirus nucleic acids in Wuhan, on May 12, the stocks of in-vitro diagnostics stocks in the stock market increased overall, and stocks such as Daan Gene and Mater Biotech rose.On May 11th, Wuhan Municipality ‘s New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command ‘s Epidemiological Big Data and Epidemiological Investigation Team issued the “Emergency Notice on Establishing a New City-based Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Screening”, saying that after research, it was determined that Wuhan-wideThe ten-day general battle of all new crown virus nucleic acid screening was carried out within the organization.Each district will make arrangements for the nucleic acid screening plan for all staff in its jurisdiction within a 10-day period.On May 12, in-vitro diagnostics stocks grew overall.Choice data shows that as of May 12, there are 35 in vitro diagnostic concept stocks, among which new industries, Mike Bio, Nine Strong Bio, Matilda Biotech daily limit, Daan Gene stocks rose by 9.35%.Wuhan began to test all employees of five listed companies for virus detection reagents and won the bid for Hubei CMC recently. The topic of “all employees detection” has attracted attention.This time, Wuhan announced that it will start screening of all new coronavirus nucleic acids, and the five listed companies whose retina won the bid for Hubei virus detection reagents will also benefit.Sauna and Yewang were seen on the Hubei Provincial Medicine Equipment Centralized Purchasing Service Platform. The platform announced the results of centralized procurement quotations and enterprises for new coronavirus-related detection reagents in Hubei Province on May 8. Six companies won the bid, including Mike Bio, Da’an Gene, Mingde Biology, Huada Biology’s nucleic acid detection reagents won the bid, Zhuhai Livzon reagent, Nanjing Nuoweizan antibody detection reagent won the bid.Among the 6 companies that won the bid above, involved Mingde Biology, Mike Biology, Daan Gene, BGI, and 5 listed companies of Livzon Group.Judging from the price of the enterprise’s winning bid, Zhuhai Livzon Reagent and Nanjing Novizan’s antibody detection reagent won the bid respectively at 12.9 yuan / 1 serving, 13.885 yuan / 1 serving.The price of nucleic acid detection reagents from 4 companies including Mike Biology starts from 16.78 yuan / 1 serving to 24.99 yuan / 1 person varies.Mingde Biological Weapons announced that this proposed central procurement of new coronavirus related detection reagents in Hubei Province is expected to increase the company’s market share of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV nucleic acid detection kit and promote the development of related products in the domestic market.Increasing the company’s brand influence has a positive impact on the company’s future operations.Daan Gene also announced on April 15 that due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the market for new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) nucleic acid detection kits and nucleic acid detection instruments, the demand for related consumables has increased significantly, and the companyPerformance has had a positive impact.Estimated profit in the first quarter1.86ppm to 2ppm, an increase of 558 per year.07% -607.6%.On May 6, Dongxing Securities issued a research report that although the Hubei region substantially reduced the purchase cost of detection kits through centralized procurement and price reduction, resulting in the reorganization of the benefits of the new coronavirus detection industry chain, but downstream inspection services still retain a lot of profit.Global testing capabilities need to be continuously improved, and the demand for testing kits is still strong.Many provinces have begun to collect new coronavirus detection reagents, indicating that the principle of “willing to perform exhaustive inspections” has begun. The government has also begun to intensively purchase virus detection reagents in Heilongjiang, Fujian Province, and Guizhou Province.On May 4th, Heilongjiang announced the list of shortlisted companies for centralized procurement of new coronavirus-related detection reagents, Mike Biology, Mingde Biology, Daan Gene, Zhongqi Biology (new three board listed company), Livzon Reagent, Innotex (Tangshan)Six companies were shortlisted and the bid price was also 16.78 yuan / 1 serving to 24.9 yuan / 1 person.In addition, the Fujian Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, the Provincial Health and Health Commission, and the Provincial Drug Administration also notified on May 2 that in order to ensure the normality of the new coronavirus-related detection reagents in Fujian Province, according to the general requirements of the joint prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation in ChinaSupply and use, promote the return of testing reagent prices to a reasonable level, reduce the medical burden of the people, and now carry out provincial-level centralized procurement of new coronavirus-related testing reagents.On April 30, the Medical Insurance Bureau of Guizhou Province also issued the “Implementation Plan for Centralized Procurement of New Coronavirus Detection Reagents in Guizhou Province”, which mentioned that it is necessary to further reduce the price of new coronavirus detection reagents and provide comprehensive medical services in an orderly manner.Resuming work, resuming production and returning to school, steadily restoring economic and social order, and earnestly guaranteeing the safety and health of the people.So, does the centralized procurement of these provinces really mean that there will be “full inspection”?The reporter noticed that in Hubei, Guizhou, and Fujian relevant collective procurement work notices all mentioned the principle of “exhaustive inspection” and “willing to inspect all inspections”.Guizhou Province issued the Guizhou Provincial New Coronavirus-related Detection Reagents Centralized Procurement Implementation Plan, saying that it is necessary to do a good job in testing the new coronavirus (2019-nCov) in Guizhou according to the principles of “exhaustive inspection” and “willing inspection”The procurement of kits has consolidated the effectiveness of the current epidemic prevention and control.The general requirements in the relevant work notices of Fujian Province are that, in accordance with the requirements of guaranteeing “exhaustive inspection due to inspection”, “sampling inspection in due course”, and “willing inspection complete inspection”, a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) based on the province shall be prepared.Procurement of testing kits.Hubei Province, the country with the most severe epidemic situation in the domestic air force, also mentioned in the collection plan that it should “examine thoroughly” and “willing to inspect thoroughly.”Sauna, Yewang noticed that Beijing has announced the list of medical and health institutions that provide new coronavirus nucleic acid testing services for people and individuals as early as April 15th. As of May 12, Beijing can conduct new coronavirus nucleic acid testing institutionsAppreciation to 67.On May 12, the sauna and Yewang learned from the staff of Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University that individuals and groups have already made appointments for new coronavirus nucleic acid testing at the hospital. The staff told reporters that the current cost of nucleic acid testingIt ‘s 110 yuan / person, and the registration fee is another 50 yuan. “We have a large amount of tests every day. The number of people who can make an appointment is limited. The personal test next week is already full. We can only call next Monday to make an appointment for next week.Test “.Another staff member told reporters that at present Chaoyang Hospital can no longer accept group testing appointments, “We currently have two hospitals in the hospital. Normally inpatients need to be tested again, and they have to undertake many directions for local diagnosis.’S group cannot be detected “.The reporter contacted another Beijing Youxun medical testing laboratory, and the customer service staff told the reporter that the agency ‘s cost for the new coronavirus nucleic acid test was 260 yuan per person. The report can be obtained within 24 hours of the test and can be detected immediately on the same day.In addition, Jiangsu Province also notified as early as April 8 to supplement, improve the prices of some medical service items and medical insurance payment policies, and incorporate new coronavirus testing into medical service items and pricing, so that people can carry out nucleic acid testing.Sauna, Night Net Editor Li Yunqi Chen Li proofreading Liu Baoqing

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