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Argentine Messi 0-2 in Bolivia

Argentine Messi 0-2 in Bolivia
At 4:00 a.m. on March 29th, Beijing time, the 14th round of the 2018 Russia World Cup South American Qualifiers ushered in a spotlight.In the Olympic Stadium in La Paz, Argentina lost 0-2 to Bolivia.Arce broke the stalemate, and Chinese striker Moreno locked the victory.Messi was previously suspended by FIFA for 4 games for abusing the referee. This game is his first suspension.  In the history of the World Preliminaries, the two teams have fought 19 times. Argentina has 12 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses.In the world preliminaries away against Bolivia, Argentina 3 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, the goal was 12-19.8 rotations in Argentina, Quito Pizarro made his debut, Long Caglia, Musacho, Mori, Enzo Perez, Banega, Correa and Prato started, MelCardo and Mas truce due to injuries, Messi, Mascherano, Biglia, Higuain and Otamendi were suspended.  In the 7th minute, Arce made a 45-degree pass from the left, and Moreno scored a header near the penalty spot.In the 17th minute, Raúl Castro made a low shot from the top of the penalty area with a right foot. Romero saved the ball from the bottom line.In 25 minutes, Di Maria vigorously volleyed in front of the left side of the penalty area. The ball rubbed the far post and flew out of the bottom line.After 1 minute, Banega shot from the top of the penalty area with a left foot. Lampe used his fingertips to lift the ball.  Correa made a cross from the right in the 28th minute. Di Maria shot from the left side of the penalty area. Lampe blocked the ball with his body.In 31 minutes, Escobar made a 45-degree long pass on the right and Arce scored a goal with his back to the goal near the penalty spot.0 to 1, Argentina is behind!  Argentina replaced Caruso with the injured Mori, Andujar was yellowed on the bench in 38 minutes, and Barnega midfielder knocked down Alsé after a yellow card warning.  In the opening half of the second half, neither team made a substitution. In the 52 minute Jorge Flores cross from the left, the unmarked Wuhan Zall forward Moreno volleyed in front of the small penalty area on the right.0 to 2, Argentina is in a desperate situation!  Argentina replaced Correia with Aguero. In 66 minutes, Chu Marcelo made a cross from the right side of the penalty area. Moreno midfielder pushed right footed and was shoveled by the defender. Then Valar midfielder knocked down Enzo Perez.Yellow card warning.  Argentina replaced Enzo Perez with Akunia. In 72 minutes, Akunia shot from the left side of the penalty area arc and was saved. Bolivia replaced Juste with Arsen.In the 74th minute Di Maria crosses from the right and Prado misses a header from the left side of the penalty area. Bolivia replaced Moreno with Miranda before the end.In the end, Argentina lost to Bolivia 0-2, ending two consecutive victories in the preliminary round.  Bolivia (4-4-2): 1- Lampe; 8- Diego-Bejarano, 16-Lardes, 22-Centeno, 19-Jorge Flores; 3-楚马塞罗、17-瓦亚尔(84’10-坎波斯)、20-奥斯科巴、14-劳尔-卡斯特罗;7-阿尔塞(72’6-贾斯丁尼亚诺)、9-莫雷诺(92’11-米兰达)  阿根廷(4-4-2):1-罗梅罗;3-隆卡格利亚、2-穆萨乔、13-莫里(35’17-卡鲁索)、16-罗霍; 8-恩佐-佩雷斯(70’14-阿库尼亚)、5-基多-皮萨罗、19-巴内加、11-迪马利亚;20-科雷亚(55’7-阿奎罗)、9-普拉托

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