June 20

He roughly counted,On this road just dived,The number of those giant dolls,Has more than a thousand。

And until now,Still haven’t found the real space channel。
Lu Menglin had to secretly admire,Don’t think Kasuga is just a girl,But once dived into this depth alone,Just to protect the homeland。
What Kasuga said,The alien life has begun to gather,Should refer to these giant doll statues。
These things will never show up for no reason,Don’t look at them even though they have been still,But if one day,These monsters are all active,Will be a terrible army,Just thinking about it is chilling。
at last,A little light appeared below。
Obviously,This is a very unusual light!
Lu Menglin and Chun Ri Mingzi hold hands,Struggling to go downstream。
Swam a distance of about a hundred meters,A light film appeared under the feet of the two。
Through this light film,Can clearly see,It turned out to be an independent space inside,No sea water,No darkness,There is only one very strange building。
The structural style of this building seems to have obvious religious elements,Mystery and unknown are everywhere,Not so much architecture,It is more appropriate to say that it is an altar。
The center of this altar,There is a very striking black stone pillar,The diameter is half the size of a basketball court。
The top of the column,Half-squatting a humanoid colossus,This colossus is fully armored,Powerful and majestic to the extreme,Stout limbs,Hideous face,Also cast a pair of iron wings on the back,Lifelike。
Lu Menglin took a close look,The shape of this colossus is definitely not human,Nor is it a known creature in the earth world,But a foreign life with a cold and evil aura。
Yes,Yes!Lu Menglin has come from the body of the giant statue,Feel a breath of huge spatial energy。
It’s a dark creature?Lu Menglin’s heart moved,Guessed silently。
At this moment,Kasuga Mingko Transmission:“Are we going down?”

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