July 18

Huang Shaotian frowned:“Stop it!Don’t affect our selection of magic soldiers!”

Tu Shanming stopped now,Annoyed:“Anyway, I also picked one I like!That’s it!Can I just ignore it??”
Talk about it,Tu Shanming is holding his iron knife,Stepped back angrily,See how few of them continue to choose the magic soldiers。
at last,Huang Shaotian made up his mind,Reach out,Picked up the first stone box。
She doesn’t know what kind of weapon is in the stone box,Just faintly feel,Stone Box No. 1 is the most pleasing to the eye,Give her a very close feeling,Instead of guessing,It’s better to follow your inner voice。
Huang Shaotian opened the stone box,Revealing the magic weapon inside。
What appeared in the stone box was a spear,Composed of two gun bodies juxtaposed,The gun body is like jade,Emit a crystal light,The tip of the gun is spiral,Sharpness。
Huang Shaotian is good at making swords,Unexpectedly, he fired a spear,The feeling of depression in the heart,It’s hard to describe。
She gritted her teeth,Picked up two spears from the stone box,Click,Stitched together。
This jade spear just started,Huang Shaotian’s face was suddenly surprised,Can’t help but look down at the text in the box。
“Broken Jade Spear!”Huang Shaotian said softly。
“How much is the combat power of this gun?”Tu Shanming was the first to shout,He is really curious。
Huang Shaotian shook his head,Tao:“5% increase in combat power,But agility increased by 50%!”
I heard the gun’s combat power increased by only 5%,Tu Shanming’s face is depressed,Wait to hear the second half sentence,He was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word。
Agility increased by 50%?This attribute is too bad!This is a real artifact!
This attribute is equivalent to half my speed,And flexibility and mobility have been greatly improved,Have this gun in hand,It’s hard for the enemy to hit Huang Shaotian。

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