October 24

“Mr. Ye,How can you get up,Lie down。”

Lie down?
Ye Xuan sad reminder,Just touched the water glass,I haven’t even drank my saliva,I lay down again。
A large group of people,Dean,associate dean,director,Doctor,Even some in suits,Looks like a bunch of successful people。
Greeted Ye Xuan one after another,All kinds of good things。
“Mr. Ye,Don’t worry,We must do our best,Heal your injury。”
“Yes,Mr. Ye,I am the president of Suzhou-Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce,If you have any needs,Just tell me。”
“Mr. Ye,You must be fine,You must take care now,Your health,All aspects that concern the tens of thousands of people。”
These guys,what’s the situation?
How good,Talk to Ye Xuan?
“Say,Did you admit the wrong person??”
Ye Xuan is very suspicious,Do these people think,I am the son of the richest man,Otherwise, what are you doing so politely??
It’s okay for a group of people to see Ye Xuan,Left again。

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