November 6

Wen Di should be awake。

The next morning,The fools came here.,After they pick up the carriage,Departing to the Winter Palace。
Because I want to go to glasses today,So use the deposit。
The update will be updated later.。
at last,Recommended ticket。
Francis followed them to winter,Into the city,He took the car。
Leave in the eyes of the two old people。
He didn’t participate in what Queen’s military parade,Instead, they are waiting directly to the winter gate.。
The queen’s military parade lasted a morning.,Then end。
Francis saw the Queen returned to the Winter House,I will go to the inside。
However, I was blocked by the fools on the road.。
Francis is very patient standing,Don’t guard to report,He believes that the Queen will not let him wait too long.。
If the Queen is as a god, this is found to find his ability.,Then there will be no names in the winter.。
I have come out soon.,Francis did not have seen several fools,In his impression,Only doctors,Son,Tie,Women’s four。
But look at this person’s dress,It should be that only interested in Mola——Grandfather。
Taking a part of the situation of poor in winter,Pour is also a person。
“Dear sword god,This visit,The emperor is not prepared,Neglect,Please excuse me。”
The flanges itself has only played only with the war devil before the previous year.。
Is a flat,But with the cooperation of Month and Mond,People have rumored Barbatos and Morax played a,Alarm,So only alliance。
Even the gods have some believe。
However, He knows that Barbabus is basically impossible to fight.,Then there is only His friends, swords, god rules.。
Previous rumors,The sword is not a power,Only by the sword,It’s hard to fight the fire god.。
So I feel that Morax and Francis have played.。
And Morax himself did not recognize,Did not refute。
The Queen of Ice is so polite to France, because this is because this。
Francis has entered the Winter Palace,High chair sits on Barna,The following fools are divided into two rows.。
Francis came in,Dr.’s eyes are full of incredible,Then he was very good for him.。
“I don’t know how preciousness in the sword god.?”
“The emperor is polite.,It is just a common person,Where is the sword?。”
“No need to modest,Jian Shenwei famous,Just two thousand years, no appearance,Why is today come to me to the winter?。”
“This,Is to Monda!”
Francis’s eyes suddenly become awkward,The sword is in the winter palace,But I haven’t become violent。
Executives feel a power from the Devil,Work with the Queen’s power,This can resist the pressure。
“Since the sword god is comes to the law,It’s better to sit down and slowly say。”
The father’s face has no change,It is worthy of leading to the presence of winter.。
“Queen,Sitting is not needed,I want to know the idea of the Queen’s Majesty.?”
Francis took this question back。
“For those children,I’m very sorry,They all died accidentally,It is my responsibility。To winter is willing to give Mond 100 Yala,Express……”

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