April 15

Daytime View, night viewing lights Expo will stage two bright light show every night!

According to the general head of this light and shadow, Mao Cheng introduced that this light and shadow prepared 12 32,000 lumens of laser engineering projectors, 100 groups of stage lights and 36 sets of professional audio, and formed a professional production team,Experienced vision director is responsible for co-planning, music and video creation, stage lighting, on-site art guidance, program synthesis, etc., and strive to perfectly present a wonderful light and shadow performance for citizens.After the night, the light of the Grand River, outlines the beautiful night scenes of Hua Boyuan, Dream Century Hall, retro Fuxing Hall, beautiful bamboo vine … The beautiful night scene is intoxicated.

Welcome everyone to see Huo, while appreciating this gorgeous light and shadow performance.(Dongfang reporter Wang Shunting, correspondent Li Lin reported on May 18: Wang Hua, Xu Ping) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

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