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[Can I drink seaweed soup during physiological period]_Menstruation_Impact

[Can I drink seaweed soup during physiological period]_Menstruation_Impact

Seaweed is mainly a kind of food produced in the sea, so there are many sea minerals in seaweed. Eating more seaweed can play a good nutritional role in human health.

The most common way that people use seaweed is to use seaweed to make seaweed egg soup. Since seaweed itself has a very fresh taste, seaweed egg soup is also very delicious.

But for women in their physiological period, can they drink seaweed soup?

Seaweed has a sweet, salty and cold taste, has the effects of resolving phlegm and firmness, clearing heat and water, and nourishing the kidney and heart.

For goiter, edema, chronic bronchitis, cough, athlete’s foot, hypertension, etc.

1. Rich in nutrition and high in iodine content, it can be used to treat “thyroid enlargement” caused by iodine deficiency. Porphyra has a function of softening and firming, and is also useful for other stagnation masses; 2. It is rich in choline and calcium, iron,Can enhance memory, treat maternal and child anemia, promote bone and tooth growth and health; contain a certain amount of mannitol, can be used as a supplementary food for the treatment of edema; 3, a large amount of laver contains significantly enhanced cellular and humoral immune functions,Can promote lymphocyte transformation and improve the body’s immunity; can significantly reduce the total content of free radicals entering the serum; 4, the effective rate of laver’s active ingredients on Ehrlich cancer53.

2% contributes to complications of brain tumors, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma and other tumors.

It is suitable for general people1, especially suitable for goiter, edema, chronic bronchitis, cough, tumors, gonorrhea, athlete’s foot, hypertension, early lung disease, cardiovascular disease and various types of masses, more suitable for patients with hyperplasia; 2,Should not eat more, poor digestive function, less body spleen deficiency, can cause diarrhea; abdominal pain and stools fasting; breast lobular hyperplasia and patients with various types of cancer;

3. If the laver soaked in cold water is blue-purple, it indicates that the dish is dry and has been contaminated by poisons before packaging. This laver is harmful to the human body and cannot be eaten. 4. Laver is a seafood food that is easy to return to tide and deteriorate.Fill it in a black food bag and put it back into a low-temperature dry place, or put it in the refrigerator to maintain its taste and nutrition.

Therefore, women can eat seaweed for a holiday.

3The physiological period is about to end, can we have the same room?
For people who have some common sense in the female body, they should know that when women are in their physiological period, this period is not suitable for intercourse.

Because women’s vagina will be out of balance during this period, and if forced to intercourse, it will easily cause gynecological diseases.

But everyone will always have physiological needs, and their physiological needs will be particularly strong in a specific time.

So, can women intercourse when the women’s physiological period is about to end?

Can I share the room just after menstruation? Many female friends know that they cannot share the room during menstruation, so can they share the room just after menstruation?

Creatively, it’s best not to share the room just after menstruation.

The endometrium just after the menstrual period has been self-care and lost its good defense ability. At this time, the male genitals will bring in bacteria during sexual intercourse, infect the endometrium and cause pelvic inflammation, which will bring pain to the woman.

Some women will experience a resurgence within a few days after menstruation. In this case, they should pay more attention to avoid intercourse.

Under normal circumstances, during the menstrual period, the endometrium flows to the outside with menstrual blood. For example, when the menstrual period is just in the same room, when the woman’s excitement reaches its peak, the uterus will contract, which has been replaced in the uterine cavityMembrane fragments immediately enter the fallopian tube with the pressure of uterine contraction, enter the abdominal cavity along the fallopian tube, and pelvic cavity. No matter where they fall and grow in place, endometriosis occurs.

This disease can cause adhesions between the fallopian tubes and the uterus and pelvic cavity, can also cause ovarian surface hypertrophy and blood retention, which can disrupt normal egg development and growth and affect ovulation.

Therefore, if menstruation has just finished the same room, women’s health will cause certain harm, especially adolescent women.

At this point, both men and women can’t enjoy the moment and leave a lifetime of regret.

A few days after menstruation can share the same room Now that women will have bad effects on their bodies just after menstruation, how many days can they share the same room after menstruation?

In fact, women can have normal sexual life about one week after the end of their period.

Within a week after menstruation, the female uterine organs are completely recovered. If they intersect, they may cause uterine cavity congestion, causing the endometrium to bleed again and vaginal bleeding.

The environmental damage of vaginal bleeding is difficult to resist the invasion of foreign bacteria, and will increase the risk of women suffering from gynecological diseases such as endometrial inflammation.

About three days before menstruation, if they share the same room, it will generally affect the changes in hormone levels in the body, which may cause menstruation to advance or replace, increase the amount of menstruation, and increase the symptoms of menstrual pain during menstruation.

It is worthy of people’s attention through short sex life. In the week just after menstruation, for the health of female friends, sex life should also try to control.

Therefore, from a safety point of view, it is best to choose to share the room after the menstrual period for one week. Those who do not intend to become pregnant can avoid having sex during dangerous periods.

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