June 8

-ST Qiulin’s stock suspension from March 18

* ST Qiulin’s stock suspension from March 18
On March 13, Harbin Qiulin Group Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviated as “* ST Qiulin”) issued an announcement saying that because the net assets at the end of the audit for two consecutive years were negative, the financial accounting report was issued by the accounting firm and could not be expressed.The audit report of the opinion, * ST Qiulin shares will be suspended from March 18th.On the evening of March 2, * ST Qiulin disclosed the 2019 annual report, following the replacement of 11 net assets in 2018.After RMB 01 billion, its audited net assets in 2019 will be -16.32 trillion bits, at least 48 a year.18%, and the financial accounting report was again issued by the accounting firm with an unreportable audit report.Therefore, on March 13, the Shanghai Stock Exchange decided to suspend the listing of * ST Qiulin stocks from March 18.* ST Qiulin reminds investors that if the suspension of listing can be substituted, there is a risk that the stock will be terminated from listing.Sauna, Yewang noticed that, since May 24, 2019, * ST Qiulin has been under investigation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission due to suspected information disclosure violations.* ST Qiulin pointed out that during the suspension of listing, if it touches on the situation of major illegal suspension of listing, the company can only meet the financial indicators, the type of audit opinion and the next application conditions for major illegal violations before it can apply for the stock to resume listingOtherwise, the stock may still have the risk of delisting.* ST Qiulin said that it is taking various approaches to solve problems and improve internal control defects, and hopes that the stock will resume listing.Among them, for the matters existing in the previous financial report that resulted in negative net assets and a high asset-liability ratio, * ST Qiulin adopted a series of verification measures such as hiring a lawyer in 2019, and has mastered some of the circumstances and obtained certainprogress.In the next step, * ST Qiulin will continue to actively communicate with local provinces, municipal governments, creditors, intermediaries and other relevant parties to jointly study conflict methods.At the same time, about the 3 in China Bank Tianjin Branch.03 Billions of raised funds were used illegally. * ST Qiulin and the debt issuer have reported violations of the Bank of China Tianjin Branch to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and confirmed that they have submitted an opinion letter to the trial court.On January 19, 2020, * ST Qiulin received the first-instance judgment and assumed responsibility for the pledge guarantee. As a result, * ST Qiulin filed an appeal.At the same time, * ST Qiulin has reported the illegal use of funds to the Harbin Public Security Bureau, and the case is still under investigation.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Siyang editor Li Yan

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