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Winter window overtime is hard to make a surprise, the most miserable Super League team only two foreign aid

Winter window “overtime” is hard to make a surprise, “the most miserable Super League team” only two foreign aid
Tianhai was almost hollowed out.Photo / Osports According to the results of communication and negotiation between the Chinese Football Association and FIFA, after the first transfer window of the 2020 season is closed on February 28, the Chinese Football Association will increase the domestic transfer period of not less than 3 weeks before the start of the new season.In fact, the Chinese Football Association is applying to FIFA to add a new international transfer period in 4 months, shortening the original summer transfer period to 9 months, but this application has not yet been answered by FIFA.The newly added domestic transfer window is regarded as the “overtime” of this year’s winter window, but it is still uncertain whether the international transfer window will be added. Therefore, the Super Club has chosen to exert its force before the end date of February 28.On this day alone, many official transfers were announced: Dalian people announced that the Swedish double star Daniel Song, Larsson joined, Shandong Luneng, the guard Kadal introduced from Dynamo Kiev.Allegedly, relevant people analyzed that although the Chinese football league transfer market has been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, FIFA has therefore agreed not to be optimistic about the prospect of an additional international transfer period.Although in accordance with relevant requirements, foreign aid can also be introduced during the domestic transfer period that the Chinese Football Association will supplement in the future, it can only introduce foreign aid in the last contract in China, and the last registration in the Chinese Football Association, and fewer than 20 candidates meet this condition., Meet the needs of today’s Super League team is very few.This is also an important reason why the club with insufficient foreign aid has concentrated its official announcement on the day of the transfer deadline on February 28.It is worth mentioning that Tianjin Tianhai, which has embarked on a breakthrough operation, was eliminated as the “Most Mischievous Super League Team”. After several main players left the team, Tianhai can only replace foreign aid.Whether they can “sprint” foreign aid before the start of the new season is still unknown.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Chunqiu proofread Zhao Lin

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