July 15

Convenience Store Rising Star Chi Changxu turns into a warm male store manager and partner evil girl Jin Yuzhen

“Convenience Store Rising Star” Chi Changxu turns into a warm male store manager and partner “evil girl” Jin Yuzhen
According to Korean media reports, the starring Korean drama “Convenience Store Rising Star” is determined to be broadcast on SBS this June.Jin Yuzhen and Chi Changxu.The picture comes from the online “Convenience Store Rising Star” adapted from the comic of the same name, directed by Li Mingyou, the director of “Blood Priest”, about a young warm man manager Cui Daxian (Chi Changxu) who runs a convenience store., Open a convenience store, troubled between dreams and reality.And Ding Xinxing (Jin Yuzhen) is a four-dimensional simple little wicked girl who worked as a night shift student at a convenience store operated by Cui Daxian. It is a role that goes all the way to social justice after all the bad experiences have been cancelled.The production team said that actors and directors with both acting and box office met to form a perfect combination.”The script is based on the convenience store that we are easily accessible in daily life. It opens the love and humanity stories of the hot young people.I hope you will give more expectation and concern to “Convenience Store Rising Star”.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo

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