June 15

When back to the company,Qin Feng just entered his office,Zhao Kuo rushed in in a hurry。

“What’s up,Not calm at all?Has something big happened?”Qin Feng couldn’t help cursing。But such a curse,He suddenly feels good。Then he talked to himself:Can not do it,Power corrupts,Although this lesson is great,But I will lose myself。
Seeing Qin Feng’s appearance,Zhao Kuo was a little bit dumbfounded。
“Qin Feng Dao,You may not know,I wanted to dig out Han Qian, the most popular female star today,She originally said that。But i think about it,Our huge entertainment company,You can’t live without the star。So I thought about poaching her。Then this morning,Just half an hour ago,She actually agreed!But leaving her original company requires 50 million liquidated damages,This one.”
This is why Zhao Kuo came to Qin Feng。After all, he did so many follow-up incidents for the so-called 8 million liquidated damages.,Even met Qin Feng。
“Ask for money?I have no money!”
Now when I talk about Qian Qinfeng, my liver hurts!
Because he always feels that these people are staring at his money and working。How long has this entertainment company been opened??Although hundreds of millions of company money was paid for by others,But the development fund, Zhao Kuo himself, also spent tens of millions in it.。
however,For a big company,Only 10 million of working capital is definitely not enough。Because of the new opening,So Zhao Kuo didn’t think there was a problem a few days ago。
But now it’s different,Big star Han Qian is coming,Of course he needs Qin Feng to get the money。Because after she came,My company may be able to work a lot more,In addition to attracting some newcomers or something。After all, a newcomer in the entertainment industry said,There is a big star Han Qian,It’s a face to speak of this matter。
So Zhao Kuo felt,It is only a small investment to dig people over with a liquidated damage of 50 million。
How,Qin Feng looks like a miser,This makes him a little tangled。
“It’s not Qin Feng,Didn’t you promise me to start an entertainment company together??Now there is such a good development opportunity,You are not willing to spend money?”Zhao Kuo began to educate Qin Feng with a depressed look。
After all, in his opinion,Qin Feng just can’t do business。But then again,He knows that Qin Feng cheated a lot from Wang Guangming before.。
He even gave Qin Feng a 200 billion IOU。Then paid 100 million in interest。
so,Zhao Kuo knew that Qin Feng had money,At least the 100 million interest is lying in Qin Feng’s pocket。
At this time, he just wanted to find a way to get out of Qin Feng’s pocket。
“All right,Do not talk nonsense,Take away!I can’t put a little money in my pocket!”Depressed Qin Feng could only give Zhao Kuo the 100 million check。

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