July 13

“Edit,Continue to edit,Sedum group member,Anyway, we are the two in the chat group hall,I won’t break through you。”

“As long as the Sedum members can convince yourself,I believe in what Sedum members said before。”
Nezha said with a smile,This is obviously Sedum,You can say so elegantly,Nezha is the first time I saw。
“Mainly because of the cause and effect,and,Can connect with other worlds,As long as it doesn’t fall halfway,In a few years,The City Lord of the Sky City will definitely grow up completely。”
“Then,I just can’t afford it,therefore,Getting out early is the most correct way。”
Jingtian said with a smile,Mu Qingge’s future,Destined to be rough,but,As long as it doesn’t fall,Destined to be the strong,And his Sedum’s future?Far away,therefore,Jingtian decided not to provoke right and wrong。
“Could it be that the city lord of the heavens mentioned by the members of the Sedum group,Is a woman?Sedum group members fell in love at first sight?Then I felt that I was not worthy of the lord of Zhutian City?”
“in fact,As long as the Sedum group members start working hard from now on,Can also shorten the gap between you。”
Nezha said with a smile,Although he is young,But his clones are all over the territory of the human race,He can say that he has experienced all the various states of life,therefore,For men and women,Also understand。
If Jing Tian really has a good impression on the lord of Zhutian City,Then we should go to propose marriage upright,Instead of sighing sadly in the chat group hall。
“Nezha group members,With my current life,There are still hundreds of years to consider the major events of my life,Why rush for a while?”
“not to mention,No matter how good the lord of Zhutian City is,but,After all, it’s not the character I like。”
Jingtian said with a smile,Is Mu Qingge pretty??Pretty,Also very gentle,but,After all, it’s not his favorite character,and,Maybe it’s because Sedum has been alone until now,therefore,He can’t realize the kind of questioning what love is in the world,Directly teach the love of life and death。
“Say,Why didn’t Sedum group members persuade Sun Wukong group members?You know that the character of the Monkey King group members is not very good,If the Monkey King group members really want to take revenge on the city,How should the Sedum group members act?”
Nezha asked curiously,If Monkey King is really hostile to the heavens,Sedum can’t stay out of it,It was Jingtian who took Sun Wukong to Zhutian City,Something happened,Sedum can’t run。
“Why can’t i not help,Sit back and ignore?”
“I don’t have the strength of Nezha’s third-tier peak,I’m afraid with my current strength,Similar to Zhu Gang,Such a weak strength,Don’t think about mixing up。”

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