July 16

The answer will be known immediately!

Mo Wen is a 42nd-level warrior,A master who can rank among the top ten in the day,But in the next second, blood splashes in the sky,Embarrassing。
His full blow,The two claws did hit the skeleton soldier,But under all the power burst,But like a cow into the sea,Has no effect at all。
The weird skeleton soldier didn’t even move.,There is no sign of injury,Didn’t even do the actions that affected it。
Skeleton soldier Xiaoqiang suffered a blow from Mo Wen alive,Decisively swing an axe,At lightning speed,Slashed past,And Mo Wen exchanged tricks,Trade injury for injury,Spell it right。
but,Under this fight,The result was that everyone was astonished on the spot。
Nothing about that weird skeleton soldier,But Mo Wen is blood splattered in five steps,A horrible big hole was split at the waist by a bone axe,The wound is not just splattered blood,Also made a strange chick,White smoke。
Mo Wen screamed,Withdraw,Stumbled back to the square array,Paled face,Apparently poisoned again。
Taoist priests behind are in a hurry,Hurriedly detoxify Mo Wen again,treatment,Mana drained,This barely stabilized his injury。
obviously,After this brief confrontation,Mo Wen’s strength is greatly damaged,Basically lost the strength to fight again。
The weird skeleton soldier,what is the problem?The skeleton soldier is a fragile low-end summoning creature,Why is it so powerful?
Facing such weird signs,Everyone present,Both the enemy and the enemy,All fell into a dead silence。
The doubts in the heart of the wooden knife finally solved,He couldn’t figure it out before,How can Wu Hao use a small skeleton soldier,To attract so many Scarlet Moon Spiders,If Chiyue Canyon is really such a mess,It’s already the world of Taoists!
Now he knows,It’s not that someone’s luck is particularly good,But the skeleton soldier he summoned is so weird!
Even the forty-two-level warrior’s full shot,Can’t hurt this stuff,This is no longer as simple as defense perversion,This is simply immune to physical damage!
No wonder those Scarlet Moon Spiders were turned around by this skeleton soldier,Because they can’t break the defense of skeleton soldiers,Can’t hit,So I can only be driven away by it。
How did Wu Hao do it?This person is indeed an unborn genius!will《Summon Skeleton》This low-level skill develops this kind of change against the sky,Isn’t that surprising enough?
Of course Zhong Yeo saw this scene too,His face was so gloomy that it was about to turn into a dark cloud,The mind turns fast,Evaluating the combat power of this monster skeleton soldier in my heart。

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