September 6

The overall space on the second floor is smaller than that on the first floor,There is a corridor in the middle,You can see each other downstairs,And this position can’t go around,There are even two guards。

This time the ordinary method doesn’t seem to work,,Must separate the two,Kill one by one。
Fortunately, the available terrain is very large,He casually found a decorative picture frame on the wall,Break hard,The appearance of natural damage,Throw it directly on the ground and cause a sound to attract the guard’s attention。
Those two got the bait,One person stays in place,One person came to check the situation,There are walkie-talkies in both hands,If you are farther away, you will use it to communicate。
Yu Zhe continued to hide in the dark,But when someone turned around, he didn’t do it right away,Wait patiently for him to explain the situation to his teammates,When ready to go back,Just followed silently,Broke his neck。
Due to space constraints,There is no place to hide the body this time,He can only leave it in place,Before being discovered by others,Solve the target quickly,To leave smoothly。
“How many people are in front?Yu Zhe asked,After all, there is time pressure now,To plan an optimal route。
“Except for the one just left in place by you,Four more,Two outside the goal,Two walking around。”
Yu Zhe once again sighed that having a partner is really convenient,Work efficiency is really greatly improved。
The next part is relatively simple,Use a bullet knife to kill the guard who just left behind,Then he successfully reached the location outside the target room。
Can’t waste time this time,Hardly stay,Yu Zhe directly used the opportunity to turn around,Kill it,The other person found out that it was too late,I saw him almost instantly,Then leaped a few meters away,Quickly shorten the distance between the two,No cold light,Breathing has stopped。
There are two left,He is not going to hide it,Appear directly in front of the two,Hold a dagger in each hand,At the same time as the right hand shoots a knife attack,Block with a knife with left hand,The person who was attacked reacted relatively quickly,Although the first cut didn’t hurt his life,But still left a deep and long wound on the body。
That person almost yelled in pain,Yu Zhe secretly shouted badly in his heart,Never let him make a sound,Lest the target inside the door becomes vigilant when he hears movement,So I had to give up the defense against another person,Adjust position,Before that person shouts out,Ended his life with another knife。
The other person faces Yu Zhe who is almost left behind,Obviously a bit silly,After half a second, he took out the gun from his waist and pointed it at Yu Zhe,But at this time it is no longer useful,The moment he reached out,Yu Zhe’s arm was already under control。

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