September 26

I don’t know if I should talk to Li Huiyang’s background.。

Li Hui Feng did not care about these,When he came back again,The teacher never finger points to him.。
Especially loose rain,Look at his eyes, there is a panic and pleasant。
The loose rain is also never thought of the new Li Hui wind, what is not in accordance with the settlement。
But that is, this kind of result is surprisingly out of the route.。
This makes him in his heart and is a hate.。
Just this time I played Wu Feiyang,The last cleaned land repair,He knew that Li Hui’s good days came to the head.。
Previously, Lu Jia wanted to find someone to pick up Li,Just have no chance。
Now plus a Wujia,Li Hui Feng is in the disaster.。
If Li speaks from the wind,So the class teacher of the high school class is still not him。
So much,He smiled again。
come back to the office,The teachers around them are also praise for Li.。
Yuan Meng is even directly to Li Hui Rong.:“Teacher Li,I have no self-study this evening.,Do you want to watch a movie together??
I just have two movie tickets.。”
Looking at a spring water in Yuan Meng’s eyes,How can Li Hui’s meaning will not understand the meaning of each other?。
I immediately laughed:“Teacher Yuan,I am still a thing tonight.,May no time,But I invite you anymore.,How about it?”
I heard this,Yuan Dream is somewhat lost,But Li Hui said that she asked her to change the day.,Her eyes are not lit up again。
“Then let’s make a word!”
Looking at Yuan Dream to extend the slim hand。
Li Hui Hui is also gently holding it with each other.。
“A word。”
Chapter 1436 Pharmaceutical
Just shaking hands,Li Hui Feng, but I feel that the other party uses a small thumb to gently hook his hand palm.。
At the same time, I looked at the smile in the eyes of each other.,He seems to have some understanding of each other.。
“Let me find the principal.,Mr. Yuan, you are busy first.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s panic,Yuan Meng felt that he was a step by Li Hui Feng again.。
In particular, Li Hui’s panic looks that she feels the other party is a pure little boys who have not talked about love.。
Even before Li Hui Feng so direct rejection,She has come to Li Hui, I have not talked about love.。
Li Hui came to the principal office,The principal is helpless。
“Teacher Li,Do you know that you have a big disaster?,Listening to me, you still have a cleanliness.!Wujiayi single biography,This Wu Feiyang’s old probability will not let you go.。”
“Old principal,I am not afraid of this.,What I am doing, you should also know some,I will not go before the mission is not completed.。”
“You don’t go,But if you have something,I can’t keep you.,You’d better be tangled directly to the above leaders.。”
The old principal is completely for Li with the wind.。
Li Hui Feng also understands the pain of the old principal.。
I nodded when I laughed.。

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