October 21

Xia Jian pretended to snore,Listening。after awhile,Where did the footsteps go?,About ten minutes later,Xia Jian heard messy feet from outside the gate again,Gradually disappeared in each room。

Everything understood,Zhu Hui dug him a big hole,Deliberately let Xiaoyue and Xiaolan pass false news to her,Get him hooked。If he leaves tonight,Only one out,I must have hit the ambush set by Zhu Hui。Thus,Zhu Hui will definitely take new measures against him。
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t help taking a breath。But what makes him happy is,Zhu Hui must have ulterior motives to test him like this。Or she will really leave here for a while,In addition, she was still a little worried about whether Xia Jian was really poisoned or faked.。
Figured this out,Xia Jian had an idea in his heart,So he really started to sleep。Because of tossing until midnight,So Xia Jian lay down,Slept till dawn。Until Xiaoyue called him to get up,He rubbed his eyes and asked:“What the hell is going on?Why do I sleep more and more”
“how could I know?What does your sleepiness have to do with me?”Xiaoyue said angrily,It seems that she is still angry about what happened yesterday。
The more she is,Xia Jian was more happy,He laughed and said:“Satsuki,Wait a while to finish breakfast,Just press,Let me see if you and Xiaolan can do better”
Xiaoyue supported Xia Jian,He looked back at Xia Jian。Xia Jian smiled and said:“how?Not yet?Or you accompany me to sleep?”Xia Jian said,And laughed loudly。
“Stinking rogue!go away”Xiaoyue cursed,Suddenly pushed Xia Jian。Xia Jian fell to the ground,Then he yelled。
at this time,Just hear the creak of the door,Someone ran out:“What’s the matter Xiaoyue?I can’t help you help me?”It’s Zhu Hui’s voice。Xia Jian who fell on the ground heard that Zhu Hui was coming,Called louder。
“Mr. Zhu!He was playing hooligans on me”Xiaoyue argued unconvincingly。
Xia Jianyi listen,Roar loudly:“Zhu Hui!Are you still human?You made me like this,And sent a little girl to humiliate,What do you want to do?”
Xiaolan also ran out at this time,She and Zhu Hui helped Xia Jian from the ground。Xiaolan cleaned up the dust on Xia Jian。And Satsuki bulged her mouth,Standing on the side with a little girl’s temper。
“outrageous,What’s the big deal。He can still be a gangster like this?”Zhu Hui scolded Xiaoyue angrily。
Xiaoyuefen blushed and said:“He wants me to sleep with him,What is he doing??”The little girl said,I lower my head shyly。

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