October 23

Queen’s intelligence and means are not bad,It is a pity that is not enough.,She wants to apply this to Kerad,Let him abide by this point,Calm down to be an old elderly。

Never want to,This movement is not angry,Let the book got the heart of Kirra more firm ideas,Hand shooting the Queen of Shakola and Kyrus。
the other side,Kirra is eager to clean the top of the top,On the one hand, the reason is that you can’t stand the chest of the Queen.,There is also a strategic consideration for the main environment.。
The Visbanian ore is gradually known by the outside world.,The small country can’t stay in this treasure,I want to be self-presentated before the storm,Make it as soon as possible and transform them into mature military armed forces。
in addition,He suspected that the Queen of Shakla will hide the two keys in the palace.,Trial search and three do not know,Dark search and no fruit,I can only wait for myself to become the owner of the Royal Palace.。
No successful start key,Liao Wenjie is quite disappointed,That and Kirra chats to talk about altars and evil spirits。
“I admit,I gambling the ingredients!”
Kirra slowly said,Just find the altar,He is in a lummy trough,No power in hand,Ambition ambition only can write on paper,Hug‘I am still idle.,In case it is true?’Mentality,Four searches for two keys。
lucky,The big sea fishing needle makes him success.。
At that time,The altar is the least reliable in Kirra.,If you can exchange the throne with altar,One percent one percent。
It is a pity that you must change。
Until half a year ago,The crust movement brings Visbania ore,He really attaches importance to omnipotent.。
Funny,God’s name is everything,This name is still he thinks.。
Later,He studied the legendary story of a thousand years ago,From the willingness to suspect,Only hesitially standing out a passerby,Well in the arm,Full screen chaos,A altar of any wish。
Fear,Outstanding force,Kird spends a lot of human material,I only collected four arms in half a year.。
Here,Two people chat in the office,Liao Wenjie sits on the boss chair,Kirra Jingjing Station,Work like a meticulous report。
there,Luzhou Third World To Goal‘Queen’s crown’Extended the hand of evil,Not out,Have a good fault first。
The gate of the palace insurance library is open,Guardian,Queen’s crown flashed。
“what,what,what,it’s wired,Who is done??”
Lubang Third World Deflection,I found the peak in the corner of the corner.QDoll,With the speed frequency of the red dot on the small toy, faster,Dollar bombing,The gas waves poured in Luzhou II to fly into the insured。
Gravity sensor,trigger;
Infrared sensor,trigger;
strike out,Insurance anti-theft organ starts,Luzhou Three World Cot,The blockade is blocked in a secret steel cage。
Alarm,Board to the entire royal palace,As always, he became a peak sheep.。
“Ah yeah,This is big.!”
Luzhou III rely on the corner of the wall,Taking out the communication with you,Contact two partners,Request tactical support。
“I was closed.,Can you pick me??”
“what,This familiar rhythm,Don’t tell me,The crown has been stolen in advance.。”Communicator opposite,Professional killer,Current professional gunman。
“It’s you,I guess it.。”

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