November 7

Facing the sword air like a storm,Although the sword spirit is not against him,Chen Xiu is like a small boat in a storm,May be overturned at any time,He is constantly pushing back,It’s just a little safer if you extend the range of more than 20 meters。

Zhu Huiwei asked after hitting a set of cloud strikers:“Remember how much?”
Chen Xiu held out a finger。
“It’s not bad to learn one layer by just watching it again。”Zhu Huiwei said with satisfaction。
Chen Xiu shook his head。
“Learned a little and a half?”Zhu Huiwei was a little surprised:“Are you really a peerless genius!”
Chen Xiu still shook his head。
“Learned half!”Zhu Huiwei can’t believe it:“impossible,My knife skills for hundreds of years,You learned most of it after reading it again,Absolutely impossible!”
Chen Xiu still shook his head weirdly。
Zhu Huiwei can’t help it anymore:“Fucking,You speak,How much did you learn?”
Chen Xiu said awkwardly:“I just visited and admired your sharp knife skills,I completely forgot the essence of observation。I mean can you do it again!”
Zhu Huiwei’s face was cold,Hate said:“If I hadn’t quit human blood for hundreds of years,I must kill you now!”
Next few days,During the day, Chen Xiu and Zhang Haibao learned to control cranes,Learn knife skills with Zhu Huiwei at night。
Whether it’s the object control of crane control or the sword energy of knife,In fact, they are already out of the move,So-called tactical category,Easy to learn but hard to master。
The main thing is to control and accumulate Zhen Qi。
In just one day, Chen Xiu has mastered the true Qi operation of the two exercises.,And Zhu Huiwei、Zhang Haibao is the same as the two。
The only difference is the accumulation of true qi。

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