January 27

“What do you think??”

What can I think?
I can do it in the same period of time., Yan Fengxing directly became a demon king。
枝 心 is not jumping, stupid『force』Scared, Sticky to the sight of the consultant,Almost have to be sucked in the whirlpool of his eyes:“……wrong, You have long you know that Yan Feng is half a demon.?”
Advisor is completely surprised at all.!
This question seems to let the consultant,He looked at the two eyes in the eyes of his gods., Slowly:
“It is also a half-demon。The days when I felt the stars,He can’t completely converge emonation as later,I heard it.。”
So Yan Zhi looks at his expression.。
He slammed, I will take my call back.:“No matter what you think,Since you take the initiative to tell me,I’m not so easy.。”
枝 抿 抿 抿 抿,Be talk。
Consultant’s Guard does not listen to the meaning of 枝,Two steps,Then wrapped in a black fog disappeared。

The momentum of the demon soldiers’ demon world is finally cut off,And it’s a bit of a bite.,This news can’t hold,Changshand to sit in the field are therefore regarded by the Mozu as incompetent。Some people even guess,Changjun is colluding with the demon world,Deliberately。
Rumors boiling,The source is exported from several cities in the side.,Honest,I have already arrived that there is an admirable petition. I don’t want to go.。
“Often……General,Warrior for our Moz,But the enemy sneak on the battlefield of the upper wind,Since the entire devil is lost,Lost numerous soldiers and city。such a man,Be uncomfortable,Let him go to death in the demon,Is his best ending。”
The consultant is sitting on the throne.,It is rare that there is no unstoppage or gives a delegation directly.,God『color』Listening to the people below the next person。
“Respect,Do you need to give a decision?。”
“Need to decide?”
Consultant is light,I am smiling and repeating this sentence.,“See you all the abacus,I don’t have to get my mind.。”
His finger is moving,Finger tips,The person who is very illing,The deximity wrapped in the neck of each other。
The tail of that person began to tremble because of sudden tightening,Even the movements are difficult。
The http://www.xzznjz.cn consultant is thrown out at this time.,Cool, such as a knife,Toned tone is slower than weekdays,Here:“The story of the demon king is coming to me here.,You still want to put your own people to sacrifice,If I kill you now,It’s so polished。”
In the Moist,Weak weakness is crime,It is escorted by provocation without knowing the resistance.。
This sealed post is undoubtedly a contempt of all the demon.,Not complete in things『sex』forward,Take a high level of posture to give one person to maintain a flat。
“This hammer is so mad!”
“We can accommodate him!”
“Never discuss,To fight this little child!”
These devils have changed between the mouth of the mouth.,The war is suddenly high,The mouth sounds say that the new demon king is going to flow.。
Consultant’s demonstration,Be too lazy to talk,There is no job in the http://www.szkssk.cn land on the ground.,Raise。
Go out,He stepped up,Branch looking at the door,Convey questions with your eyes:“?”
枝 当 身 身 身,Smile:
“Let’s remind you,Should『Medicine』Pooled。”
Johun blessing,Yue Yue Pool is so good to go,It’s filled『Medicine』Odor。

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