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Ordinary health care methods still make you live longer

Ordinary health care methods still make you live longer

Professor Qi said that in addition to ensuring nutrition in daily life, people should also pay attention to the health effects of food and the effect of preventing diseases.

At present, the diseases that cause unnatural death in China mainly include cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Therefore, choosing anti-cancer and lipid-lowering food is the key to longevity.

  According to the World Health Organization, only 15% of healthy people are now, and the rest are unhealthy or sub-healthy.

Professor Qi Boli said that a healthy body should have three starting points, namely, balanced diet, aerobic exercise and mental state.

  Because of the lack of health knowledge, there are often behaviors that are detrimental to health in life.

For example, many people like to turn on a variety of appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, and microwave ovens at the same time, “eat radiation.”

Another source of radiation is the computer. Professor Qi said that a pregnant woman in Beijing has been working in front of the computer for a long time. As a result, the child was born with a tail.

  In addition, most of the elderly like morning exercise, and some carry out gravity exercises such as long-distance running in the early morning. In fact, the pollution is most serious from 6 to 9 am, and the elderly have high blood pressure in the morning, and exercise is very unfavorable to the body.

The best exercise should be changed in the afternoon, or even morning exercise. You should also find a place with a better air, doing exercises, and playing Tai Chi.

  Diet therapy is better than medicine. Nowadays, many young people have a special liking for foreign fast food.

In fact, due to the high content and high content of these foods, it is actually a junk food.

There are still some people who use drugs every day, and the result is that the more they eat, the worse they spend.

  Professor Qi said that paying attention to a reasonable diet can guarantee basic health and not much money. In one sentence: diet is better than medicine.

  Professor Qi suggested that everyone eat more old corn. In the United States, old corn is called “the pearl of the crown.”

Because old corn contains lecithin, linoleic acid and other ingredients, it can avoid high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

  In addition to old corn, buckwheat, potato, oatmeal, millet, you should always eat.

Nowadays, many countries in the world talk about the combination of coarse and fine grain, America, Europe, Africa and Japan, developing countries such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou have begun to drink corn.

Professor Qi said that the best food pyramid in Asia is cereals, beans and vegetables.

In cereals, in addition to old corn, there are also buckwheat, which can have coronary heart disease, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar; oatmeal, which can lower blood sugar, is a good food for weight loss; potato, which is called “second bread” by Europeans and Americans, can accelerateToxic emissions, prevent arteriosclerosis and diabetes; millet, has a hypnotic effect.

Vegetables, mainly carrots, pumpkins, bitter gourds, black fungus, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Taking carrots as an example, Americans believe that carrots are good for growing vegetables, raising long hair, raising skin, eating carrots or drinking carrot juice, and reducing the incidence by 40%.

  The most suitable for the soy milk census found that the Chinese people lack quality protein.

Professor Qi gave an interesting example: in sports, our small ball is old and the big ball is victorious.


There was a kick on the court.

Chinese people lack quality protein, how to make up?

The Ministry of Health has proposed the “Soybean Action Plan”, where 25 grams of soy protein equals 50 grams of lean meat, equal to 300 to 400 grams of eggs, equal to 400 grams of rice.

  In addition, there are five kinds of anticancer substances in soy milk, among which isoflavones are specially used to prevent diabetes, rectal cancer and colon cancer.

So for us yellow people, the most suitable is soy milk.

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