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Culture makes the city better (thought horizontal)

Original title: Culture makes the city better (thinking, and horizontal) culture is a country, a nation’s soul. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "There is no high degree of cultural confidence, no culture is prosperous, there is no great revival of the Chinese nation.

"The city provides the main kinetic energy for economic and social development. It is both mainly high-quality resource elements. It is also the main carrier of cultural development. Culture is an important factor in determining urban vitality, potential and innovation capabilities, and promoting urban development must vigorously promote cultural prosperity.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country’s urbanization construction entered the high-quality development stage, and the cultural construction needs to be placed more prominent. Culture reflects regional and international competitiveness, and is self-evident for the importance of the city.

Culture is a deep heritage of urban economic and social development, an economically developed, and socially prosperous cities must have powerful cultural support. The state of cultural development directly affects people’s living standards and quality, and the beautiful life of urban residents is inseparable from the continued full supply of cultural products and services. Compared to the general city, the central city has special status and role. It plays leading and driven role in urban agglomeration, and the task of cultural construction is heavier and requires higher requirements.

Promote urban cultural construction, to promote cultural progress while promoting urban high quality development, promoting socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization coordinated development.

Inheriting urban traditions and cultural diversity, continuing city historical context, and makes a distinct cultural character. Pay attention to the nutrients of traditional architecture, save the traditional style and individuality of the famous city, integrate into heavy urban cultural accumulation in urban construction, reflect unique style and taste, showing beautiful city image. Adhere to the correct value orientation, strengthen the construction of socialist core values, improve urban cultural confidence and mental temperament; promote the formation of good social morality, civilized literacy and ideological consciousness, promote the development of cultural undertakings; abandon vulgar, pay attention to connotation, constantly Healthy and top spiritual cultural products.

For the central city, especially to grasp the city charm, carry out various citizens to see, pleasing cultural activities, multi-angle, all-round delivery correct value orientation, strengthen spiritual civilization construction, enhance the people’s sense, happiness, safety feel. Continuously stimulate the innovation of the whole society and innovate, and greatly enhance the soft power of urban cultural cultural.

As the powerful driving force for urban cultural construction in the new era, strengthen cultural and technological innovation, comprehensively use various industrial forms, diversified carriers, multiple expressions, and integrate cultural integration into independent innovation, the main system The production and life of the battlefield and the general public. With the original enhancement, with new formation, integration to expand the market, innovation, innovation, creativity, to promote advanced culture in a variety of scenes, and better meet the people’s cultural needs, and enhance the spiritual power of the people. Enrich digital life scenes and experiences, let the people’s digital cultural life more colorful, better. Make full use of the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change results to build smart cities as an opportunity to develop digital culture in all aspects, build a wisdom sharing, and a new digital life of a resilience. Digital transformation and construction of public libraries, cultural museums, art galleries, museums, etc., develop digital creative, online audiovisual, digital publishing, digital entertainment, online broadcast, etc. Integrate digital cultural construction into digital economy, digital society, digital government construction, forming a full range, a panoramic digital cultural pattern. Pay attention to refined construction and management, reflect urban cultural characteristics and charm in the details. The grade, level, level of urban cultural construction is largely reflected in the details. It can use platforms and vectors such as museums, memorials, sites, to create an important position of public cultural services, and can also combine urban cultural construction with hardware construction, quality improvement and pattern adjustment of the entire city, and appropriate cultural elements. The diversified form is embedded in each building in the city, each street, every scene, enabling cultural inheritance and promotion in incorporation. "People’s Daily" (09th edition, November 22, 2021) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Liu Yingxi) Share more people see the recommended reading.

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