February 24

[Discussing this topic with my girlfriend turned her high]

[Discussing this topic with my girlfriend turned her high]

When chatting with women, if you can grasp each other’s ideas well, you can quickly arouse each other’s sexual desires. This requires men to have some chatting skills, talk to women about topics she notices, and keep her senses at any time.Status, the following nine topics are most likely to excite women when chatting.

First, do others love longer than we do?

The sex descriptions in teaching movies or adult novels can be regarded as “sex marathons”. If you compare this, the men around us may be premature ejaculation, but the truth is that the individual differences in sexual intercourse time are very large, about 2-About 15 minutes.

If the sex time is relatively short, and you can’t give evidence of premature ejaculation, consider removing stress from your body first.

In addition, sometimes changing positions also helps, and the stimulation of the penis is not too strong.

Second, is the private part really important in the foreplay?

The private parts of men and women have extremely rich nerve endings, and touching them will definitely help stimulate sexual desire.

Sexual therapists recommend that men and women in sexual life should be as gentle as possible to caress these extremely sensitive areas of the nerves, and must not be rough.


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