June 19

Lu Menglin didn’t say a word,Instead, Huang Shaotian is courageous,Stride forward,Said:“We want to sacrifice to the bright dragon god!Do you dare to lend me an altar?”

Zhao Changqing squinted his eyes,I looked up and down Huang Shaotian,Sneer at it,Shook his head,Proudly:“Wuhao,What do you want?”
Lu Menglin raised his head,Lightly:“I am thinking very seriously,Is to save people first,Kill first!”
“kill?Haha!Wuhao, you are really fearless of the ignorant!This is Tianzun God City!Do you think it is in your lower planes??”Zhao Changqing laughed loudly。
“but,If you really want to die,I don’t mind playing with you,Fulfill you!After all, you are a well-known person,Can die in my hands,Decent。”
Zhao Changqing has a look of fearlessness,Mocking each other wantonly。
Because he feels he has the absolute upper hand,This time,There is no need to be kind to your opponent,The more arrogant he is,People will respect him more,Fear him!He, Zhao Changqing, wanted to put all the outstanding young people in God City under his feet.,Let them never stand up。
Wu Hao is only the first,But not the only one。
“it is good!I will play with you!Life and death!”The Dragon Battlefield on the side stood up without hesitation,Shen Sheng。
No one thought,Just stand up beside Wu Hao,They are all great masters who are not weaker than Zhao Changqing,Just look at this person’s attitude when challenging Zhao Changqing,As easy as eating and drinking,I know this person is unfathomable。
“What are you?Dare to challenge our deputy head?I’m itching my hands!Why don’t you let Lao Tzu play with you?!”A temple knight beside Zhao Changqing laughed。
This person is very tall,As strong as a bear,Wearing a set of light knight heavy armor,Carrying a long axe in his hand,I’m afraid it weighs half a ton,Majestic,Daunting。
Many people in Tianzun God City recognize him,The person speaking is Xiang Zuo, the squadron leader of the Knights of the Temple,This person has been sitting in Tianzun God City for a long time,Killed many foreign masters for the Guangming Dragon Temple,But a strong one,Even a proud man like Zhao Changqing,I also respect his strength,Never dare to neglect。
The voice has not fallen,I saw a cold light on the opposite side,Extremely fast,Overwhelming。
boom!Including Zhao Changqing,Almost all the temple knights present have not had time to react,I heard a crisp sound,Then I felt the chill。
I saw the knight squadron leader Xiang Zuo,The whole person was volleyed out,Slammed into the outer wall of the Guangming Dragon Temple,I even sunken in,And his chest,Half of the breastplate is broken,Revealed a scar of a scary knife。

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