June 21

Lu Menglin frowned when he heard,If you didn’t know that the white-haired boy and Su Xuehen had known each other before,He had already slapped him to death。

In the past two years when Su Xuehen disappeared,How much happened,This is what Lu Menglin hopes to know at this moment,That’s why I can’t hold back。
“Lu Menglin!Don’t think you can hide from everyone,I have already figured out your details。”Ming Shizun suddenly turned his head,At Lu Menglin, he showed a self-confident smile and said。
Lu Menglin frowned,I wonder if this white-haired boy is a mad dog?I won’t mess with him,He also took the initiative to provoke me?Do you really like looking for death so much??
“I heard you set up a game company,Made a lot of money?Oh,Almost forgot,You can do some work,The Su family couldn’t look up just now?”Ming Shizun asked with a smile but a smile。
“Yes。Apart from being older,I can’t compare to me in other aspects.?”Lu Menglin is not in a hurry,Instead, he laughed casually。
Because he was suddenly curious,How much does this white-headed boy know about himself,What kind of hole cards are in hand?So arrogant,Abnormal!
“I heard that you are in trouble on Hong Kong Island,Not weak,Both black and white are delicious?Even the big business guys have to listen to you?”Ming Shizun keeps on smiling。
This time it’s Lu Menglin’s turn to be a little surprised,I didn’t expect this white-haired boy to know these secret things,It seems that I have made some serious investigation of myself。
“I like a challenging opponent like you!If you are just like the Su family,That would be boring。”Ming Shizun smiled。
This remark,The faces of the Su family present were not so pretty。
What does this Ming Shizun mean??Is he underestimating our Su family??
“Ha ha!I’m telling the truth,If I am not here today,Your Su family will definitely be trampled to the end by him,Because you don’t even know his true identity,Naturally can’t fight him。”Ming Shizun’s voice suddenly rose,Sternly。
This remark,Su’s family suddenly changed,Even the old man Su in the wheelchair frowned,Bright eyes,Seems to be thinking about what Ming Shizun said,I want to see this surnamed Lu,Who the hell is?

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