June 28

Talking late,Then soon!Lu Menglin punched out in the chest,In the center of that big shawl。

Fist is concentrated but not scattered,Didn’t blast that big shawl to pieces,But it’s rolled together,Turned into a thick fist stick,Go straight ahead。
The strength of this punch is mainly the five elements cannon punch,With the power of drilling,It is similar to the ancient warrior’s inner strength to wet into a stick,Even kill,Not only restores vision,And turned the opponent’s props into attack weapons。
Bang!Crazy cow caught off guard,Hit the chest with this cloth stick,Fortunately, he put up his arms in time to block,So as not to get hurt too much,But I was hit by this stick and took two steps back。
And Ying’s figure also receded backward at the same time,Faster than when the attack came!
Because of her false move,I don’t want to confront Lu Menglin,So of course you have to retire。
Five masters join forces to deal with a kid,With this situation dominating,With her style of play,Naturally refuses to fight against each other,There is no need to lose both。
Shadow this retreat,Master Napa and boxer Hua Qinlong rushed up from behind,The two just made up,Qi Qi killed Lu Menglin。
Master Napa is the master of Vajra Monastery,Kungfu in a horizontal exercise shakes the past and the present,Plus the secret medicine blessing,This body has been trained to be like a steel body。
Master Napa saw the Mad Cow couple retreat,Not surprised but happy,Step forward,Both fists out,It turned out to be a piercing trick,Made it clear that there is no defense,To fight against Lu Menglin。
If he can successfully kill this kid,That is equivalent to proving in front of everyone,Master Napa is stronger than Mad Cow couple,Even have to crush the god Sommeron。
It is for this reason,So Master Napa didn’t hesitate to exchange injuries for injuries,Also attack Lu Menglin。
The fierce aura on him burst out,Whole body muscle expansion,Like King Kong glared,Daunting。
By contrast,That mixed-blood boxer Hua Qinlong looked quite low-key,He subconsciously takes the speed,I deliberately want Master Napa to take the lead。
After all, he knows his strength is slightly weaker,I never thought about grabbing the limelight,I just hope that A Jianglong National Master can see his attitude,It’s enough。
Facing Master Napa, oppressing him like an iron wall,His fists are like a vajra,Bow left and right,Hit Lu Menglin’s ears,Menacing。
Lu Menglin didn’t dodge,But a punch in the chest,Straight out。
In the eyes of everyone,Lu Menglin’s punch looks unremarkable,Compared with the turbulent weather erupted by Master Napa,It’s like a babbling toddler throwing a fist at an adult,No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like much。
Unless he can blow Master Napa out like Sommeron with a punch,Otherwise, you will get the opponent。

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