July 14

This attitude of doing things gives me a sense of identity,If you can stick to it,We have more opportunities for cooperation in the future!

It’s dark without knowing it!
Because each other has things to do,I didn’t have dinner together!
I sent Sun Hee to her place,Tomorrow she will move to Hanmo Shuxiang。
That is the hardcover room,Just buy some daily necessities and you can move in with your bags!
Sun Xi gave me some benefits!
She is a smart woman who knows how to take advantage of women!
Say it’s a girl,Just a bit too much。
After all, they are already in their thirties,Already past that stage!
I didn’t go home,But came to a club。
“President Ge wants to see you,It’s really not easy!”
A noble and elegant beauty smiled and teased。
“See what you say,I’m not busy with some work,Otherwise it would have come long ago!”
I am curious to ask the beauty,What the hell is she looking for me!

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