July 17

“OK then,I’ll wait for him!”Qiao Tianyu insists on going。

to him,Now he would rather wait outside Jordaan’s house,I don’t want to go back to face the awkward chubby face。
After all, he managed,Qiao Tianyu still can’t get past this hurdle。
Since Qiao Tianyu insisted,Palizovsky didn’t say much,Called Secretary Darius,Let him accompany Qiao Tianyu,And asked Darius to lay hands on Qiao Tianyu during this time。
“Okay。”Qiao Tianyu nodded and agreed。
In a foreign country,Qiao Tianyu does not speak Russian,It’s not a bad thing to have someone help。
By the way, Darius is a handsome Russian guy,1.9 meters tall,Half a head taller than Qiao Tianyu,Burly,Of the kind、Clothes rack。
But this guy has a bit of perseverance in his eyes,Yet witty and smart,Standard special forces background。
After coming out of the headquarters of the Union Bank of Siberia,Qiao Tianyu asked Darius to accompany him to the mall first,I wanted to buy some nutrition。
After all by seniority,Qiao Tianyu should call Qiao Daan“Second uncle”,Never meet empty-handed at the first meeting。
However, Qiao Tianyu overestimated the Russian economy in this era.,In the process of privatization,The Russian economy suffers a fatal blow,People’s food and clothing has become a big problem,What kind of nutrition。
Qiao Tianyu went to two big shopping malls,In addition to maintaining food and clothing、bread、Outside of tomatoes,I haven’t seen a few decent meats,Not to mention nutrition。
Hey,The privatization process is really fierce!
No way,I can’t buy anything decent,Qiao Tianyu had to turn to Darius for help。

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