September 27

Mei Tong smiled and said:“My dad is gone,My milk and my sister are gone too,Now only me and grandpa、There is mother,I want them to live the happiest life in the world”

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“do not!Money is not all powerful,A happy life is not something you can buy with money,Moreover,You behave like this,It will ruin your home”
“Humph!Not this time,Last time because of fun,And was targeted by the police,Frozen all my accounts,And this time I used Xiao Xiao’s account。Wait for the money to arrive,I will all transfer to the foreign security account。Don’t worry,I won’t hurt your hair,After all, you are the man my sister once loved”Mei Tong said,Took the tape on the table,Sealed Xia Jian’s mouth,Then grabbed the bag on the table and went out。
Xia Jian saw,Anxious。But he can’t move at all,So what we did to this woman can only be watched eagerly。He couldn’t figure it out,Xiao Xiao would have such a sister。
at the same time,Han Juan is hiding in the woods on the hill,She imitated Xia Jian,Also sitting on a big tree,Holding a telescope to observe which small western-style building of Mei Tong’s house。
When she saw Mei Tong carrying a bag out the door,Feeling excited。She carefully looked at the first floor from the third floor,I saw the third floor from the first floor,Not let go of every corner,When she was sure that there was no one in this small building,And quickly climbed down the tree,Go to the small foreign house in Meitong’s house。
Although the wall is very high,But for people like Han Juan,Not a difficult task。She flies on the wall,Choke a few times,Quietly landed in the middle of the yard。
Han Juan leaned over,I carefully observed the movement in the building,After making sure there is no one,Rushed to the door of the living room,It’s a pity that the door is locked。Han Juan is both happy and worried,The good news is that the door is locked like this,The owner usually won’t come back for a while,The worry is how she got in。
The design of this building is perfect,There are almost no corners to climb up。Han Juan knows,The more perfect,Will have its fatal weakness,But this weakness hides a bit too deep,This requires her careful observation。
Han Juan’s eyes swept back and forth on the wall of the small building,But it didn’t make people get what they wanted,The front of this building is completely covered by curtain wall glass,Can’t find any gap。
When Han Juan went to the back of the building,She found that the window of a room on the second floor was more than ten centimeters open,This discovery made her happy,If you can have more than ten meters of rope,She can climb up。
When Mei Tong is not going out,Not only left her windows,Will leave her a rope!Han Juan smirked herself,So I found it in the backyard。Really shouldn’t be dead,She was in the corner of the backyard,Found a few packing straps,She is busy knotting these things,Then I found a small wooden stick measuring more than ten centimeters and tied it in the middle.。
Everything is ready,She tried,I threw the stick in through the gap in the window,Fail once,Almost the second time。Han Juan Patience,Finally lost it for the third time。
She wiggled the packing belt slightly below,After making sure that both sides are stuck。She took two steps back,A dash,With momentum,She stomped on the wall with both feet,When her hand grabbed the edge of the window sill,The packing belt broke at this moment。
Han Juan was shocked in a cold sweat,She is in danger!She muttered in her heart,Opened the window with the other hand,Then all limbs exert force at the same time,Just listen to a bang,She has stood in the middle of the room。
This is a woman’s room,The inside is very clean and tidy。There is still a smell of sandalwood in the room,What makes people feel wrong is,There is still a gloomy feeling in the room。
Scene like this,Han Juan didn’t meet many,She couldn’t help taking a breath,Calm down,Then walk lightly towards the middle of the house。

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