October 22

It was 1997,There are some stalls around the school,With a simple large canopy,Placed a TV andVCDmachine,Add a speaker and a few microphones,Just a caraOKStall。

There are a few plastic stools on the stall,There are a few dirty and old playlists,You can order any song,Pay 50 cents to the boss,The boss will play the song you ordered。
So you can sing on the side of the road,Passersby don’t care if you sing well or not,Usually stop,Don’t forget to applaud after listening,Zhao Luo and Xia Shuyue are happy sometimes,I will sing a few songs。
Zhao Luo inherited his father’s strengths,Love to drink,So I met a lot of classmates from other grades,One of the seniors,Sing very handsome,The shot is still very generous,When graduation,Invite them to go to the nightclub to sing together。
That was the first time he and Xia Shuyue went to a nightclub,To this mysterious place,They are already curious,Look around freshly,That’s the day,They met a dazzling、Glamorous girl,Dress up very coquettishly,Everyone calls her sister Na。
Xia Shuyue doesn’t like sister Na,I haven’t been to the overnight club since,Don’t let Zhao Luo go,Said it was an unclean place,But Sister Na and the senior often invite Zhao Luo to eat and drink together。
As long as Sister Na is there,Xia Shuyue refused to go,But Zhao Luo is different,He thinks he should make more friends,I always say multiple friends and multiple paths,and so,Even if Xia Shuyue doesn’t go,He also goes。
slowly,Zhao Luo heard many different versions of the story about Sister Na,It is said that Sister Na was transferred by many bosses,Every transfer,She is more rich,Until the senior was beaten,Since then, Na disappeared。
One disappears is four years,Zhao Luo naturally has forgotten that this is just a passing woman in his life,But suddenly one day I met again at a class reunion,Sister Na still keeps her original style,Sex.sense、Hot、wind.Show off。
University graduation,Zhao Luo wants to do something big,I went to the talent market many times,Can’t find a satisfactory one,Reluctantly chose a family to work,But tired at work,Low salary,Completely inconsistent with his previous assumptions。
059 Different beauty
he thinks,Can’t just,Must find a good company,So resigned,Change job,I just still can’t find a satisfactory job,For a month or two,The trial period has not passed,Change job again……

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