November 5

Hogan readily agreed:“As long as I see Chen Xiu,I will handle the money and passport you want. You are ready!”

After Hogan hung up,,His assistant said in doubt:“SIR,I think this An Nan is lying,He must be sitting on the floor and starting the price!”
“I know!”
“Then you promised him?”
Hogan sneered:“His daughter is on our land,I have a hundred ways to deal with him,He don’t even want to get a penny from me!”
“but,This An Nan is too greedy。”
“I heard that Chen Xiu has a lot of assets in Xia,We can offer a price to An Nan people,He can also。”
“We can’t put all our chips on the An Nan people!”
“You go to contact Ben Jie right away.Zhang,Offer 30 million,I want Chen Xiu’s life,Life or death!”
The assistant said in surprise:“SIR,Benja.Zhang is the third killer in the world,Is it too wasteful to deal with a Xia person?!”
Hogan shook his head and said:“Don’t underestimate this Xia Ren,Simon, all three of them are us
The most outstanding spy of the Intelligence Agency,Xia Ren must be able to kill them,Must be handled carefully!”
After Chen Xiu got rid of Li Chun’s team,Ran another sixty kilometers。
With his current physical strength,As long as it’s not a full sprint,It’s not a problem to run another sixty kilometers。of course,He is not sprinting with all strength, nor is he walking like ordinary people.。
“Saigon City should be in front!”
Chen Xiu came out of the forest,I meander forward when I see a second-level kilometer,About a few kilometers away there is a cloud of gray,This is a common problem in big cities in developing countries,Spontaneous combustion of various pollution is indispensable。
Chen Xiu walked along the highway for more than a kilometer,Suddenly a temporary checkpoint was set up a few hundred meters away,A pair of big-headed soldiers are facing pedestrians in the past、Cars are checked one by one。

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