January 30

Even Gao Huan’s machine to secretary Chen Yuankang,This god secretary,allowable“big boss”After the speech,Take all the words that the other person said all over again,Can also touch it,Do not change the meaning of meaning,It sounds more affected!

Listening to Xin Daoxian,Emoticon’s expression on Wei Xia widen face,I don’t know if it is crying or laughing.。
“Convinced,There is always a way out”
His words have not been finished yet,Wei Xia widen will sign him not to continue.。False security,Do not exist luck,At the moment that happened in things,Will destroy all the psychological lines of people。
Wei Xiaowan is willing to think about the worst in advance,Each one“lucky”,Can be a new starting point。
“Today, I and Jade City,It is not a brother of a trench.。Gao Biyi really can see me.,I want to have such a way。”
Wei Xiao,It’s all bitter。
so amazing,It’s too victim.,So the opponent with all the power to combat you。This is a lucky,Still a unfortunate?
“Many people think,I Wei people,It should be bundled with Yushucheng,actually,This is just a kind of illusion.。”
Wei Xia width face reveals a smile,Unfortunately, I finally bleak.。
Interchange,Army,perhaps,This is the master of Gao Baoyi,Let Zhaobao have to go to the charm,Change to defensive jade experience is extremely rich,Can already take this city as the foot of your hand to make Wei Xiaoxuan,In exchange for anyone,Yushu City’s defensive power must be next step。
But,Wei Xiaowei leaves,Changed,Yushu City can hold it?
can only say,This is a beautiful scenery,But there is no operability at all。Why do you say this way,Because Wei Xia width,It is the soul of Yushu City。he’s gone,Sergeant here,Will lose the meaning of fighting。
Not to mention Gao Bao Yi has already a notice.,Wei Xia width,Isn’t it to encourage these sergeants to fall??
“Comparison,Actually, I still stay here is better.。only”Wei Xiaothi shakes his head,No longer speech。
He is just a general,Not a melee god,Not the emperor of Zhou Country。
Xin Dao Constitution, Wei Xiao, seems to have any difficulty,Even you don’t want to say。
“I am writing a book,Send to Changan,Presentation to Your Majesty。You have worked hard,Let’s take it for me.。”
Wei Xiaogong is preparing a pen ink,Start writing letters。Xin said is a bit lost,I don’t know how to comfort it.,Finally, I can only sigh.。
The special double-layer earth building in the broken http://www.yulejx.cn city,Although the night is deep,But still bright flaps。
Second floor“study”Sprinkle,Zheng Minmin wakes up,Climb up and blinking,I saw that Gao Bao is back to her.,What is the case of sitting in the case。
“Convinced,Is Xin Dynasty going back??”
Zheng Minmin asked yawn,Today, on the screen back,But because the bed is too comfortable and fell asleep.。If you change someone to know this,She must be ashamed to find a place。
But Gao Biyi knows,That doesn’t matter.。
“Correct,He is to help Wei Xiaoxuan sprinting military situation,I am sending it to me.。”
Gao Boyi doesn’t matter,Still borrowing the fire of the oil lamp,View 玉 璧 城 地图 on desktop,I don’t know where he is.。
“Alang,Gao Huan was defeated by Wei Xiaoxuan,And he didn’t seem to be less than you at the time.。Why can you be so calm,So confident thinking that http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn you can win.?”
Zheng Minmin left the past,Sit to Gao Baoyi,Small asking。
Only she will ask such a problem。Some people will think so,But will not say exports,Some people have a confidence in Gao Baoyi.,I don’t think he will defeat at all.。
“A lot of things?,Watch with your surface,Not an event。”Gao Biyi took out a letter from the sleeves to Zheng Zhengmin:“Hell to see,Wei Xia width wants to tell me what。”
Zheng Minmin passed the letter written by Wei Xiaoguan,The more you look, the more you feel the quirky。

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