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[How long does the sausage have to be cooked]_How to make_Cooking time

[How long does the sausage have to be cooked]_How to make_Cooking time

Sausage is a very common food, and through the continuous advancement of technology, the sausage is basically edible all year round now, but the time for making sausages in winter is in winter.No matter how you eat it, the taste is delicious. Generally, when the sausages are prepared, they usually need to be cooked on the table top. How long does it take to cook the sausages?

How long does the sausage have to be cooked?

Sausages can be steamed or cooked, depending on your preference.

If the sausage has been standing for a long time and the moisture is very dry, at least steam and cook for half an hour.

The most primitive and straightforward method is to use a chopstick to insert it. You can insert it without any effort!

Sausages are usually cooked for 20-30 minutes before they are cooked.

At the same time, without burning, the longer you cook, the less nitrite content in sausages and bacon.

One final reminder is that you must cook in a cold water pot.

Only in this way can the water slowly penetrate into the tissue of the meat, and the dried sausage and ham become more moisturized.

If you cook it in boiling water, the protein on the surface of the meat will shrink sharply due to heat, which will affect the penetration of water and meanwhile it will be difficult for nitrite to fully leak out.

Sausages do not need to be soaked. Wash the pan with warm water and turn to low heat for 20-30 minutes.

Boil it and let it cool for 10 minutes. If it’s cold, a few minutes will suffice.

How long can the sausage be cooked? The sausage is a smoked food that contains a certain amount of nitrite. Consuming it for many years will increase the risk of stomach cancer.

However, some tests have proved that as long as the sausage is cooked in water at 60 ° C for 30 seconds, the nitrite content will be reduced by more than 35%, while reducing the salt content and trace content, which is more in line with the needs of healthy substitution.

In addition, frying or grilling sausages after processing in this way prolongs the cooking time, does not easily change wood, and has a softer taste.

At this point, the washed sausages are boiled and boiled in water, add a little vinegar to decompose nitrous acid, and then cook on low heat for 20-30 minutes.

However, when boiling the sausages, you must boil them in cold water, so that the water can slowly penetrate into the meat tissue and make the dried ham more moist.

If it is a boiling underwater pot, the protein on the surface of the meat shrinks sharply when heated, affecting the infiltration of nitrite.

Sausages, ham, bacon and other bacon products, in order to maintain color, businesses will add nitrite, if eaten with amine-containing foods, it is easy to combine reactions in the stomach to form the carcinogen “nitrosamines”, eat two types of foodIt takes an hour.

Common amine-containing foods include dried squid, saury, eggs, tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, yogurt, etc. You should avoid eating with sausages or frying them in the same high-temperature oil pan.

If you drink a few cups of green tea a day, it can break down nitrosamines and promote human health.

Finally, the general population can occasionally eat sausages, but people with cold and wet constitution, injection pressure, bronchitis, and respiratory infections are not easy to eat, so as not to cause physical injury.

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