March 30

29-hour "speed" completed the new route of the train to integrate the existing line construction

At the construction site, the old rail is allocated to the new rail. China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company is a series of work of line callization, line lift, upper rail connections, tamping, launching cable, etc. The new line of the line is incorporated into both wire construction. At 10:20 am on December 9, 2 CR200J EMUs added 2 CR200J EMUs, a double stream project, which was built by the China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company, and successfully completed the construction of the railway line call and the tits. Restore the penetration 1 hour in advance. The reserve line is the railway line for the train to keep the work, the difference from the rigid line, through the line, to the hairline, etc., mainly for maintenance, oil, inspection and other locomotives.

Chengdu Vehicle Section Duplex Guest Corporation D3, D4, D5 Removal Line Standfint Construction Construction Project is newly inserted into a set of SC390G Tao. "This process needs to complete the line diary, line lift, upper rail connection, tuning tamping, laying cable, etc. Completely completed in a relatively short ‘sunroofed’.

"The construction manager of the construction party, Zeng Peng said.

At 5:20 in the morning of December 8, with the line blockade, the command started from the interiith from the walkie-talkie, more than 70 construction workers in the construction area waited quickly to their respective working positions, cutting the rails, disassemble the joint. Hanging old rail, excavator clearing the soil, the new road is aligned, the trip to the road, taking the mortgage, the scene is a hot-fired construction scenario, all operations are in an orderly manner. Lin Hai, the head of the construction site, said: "This route is all integrated into the work, electricity, communication, power supply. After the line is dial, it will complete the signal installation and commissioning, contact network dialed adjustment, etc. In order to ensure that the newly inserted Taxi is completed according to the established time node, the guaranteed line is restored on time, the engineers strictly abide by the "five ban" of the railway construction, strictly implement the system of the hidden equipment, and form a technology, measurement, orbit. Demolition, Turnout Promote, Tasted and other professional teams. In the end, the renovation construction task was successfully completed. It is reported that the completion of the construction of Double stream passengers D3, D4, D5, will set a solid foundation for the addition of 2 CR200J EMUs in the CR200J EMUs, which will be put into a solid foundation, which will be greatly Improve the use of Shuangliu Bus Technology, the use of maintenance and intensity, and lay an important foundation for the upcoming 2022 railway Spring Festival reserves.

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