April 14

Chongli Passenger Terminal has been completed by accepting eight temporary transportation station in Zhangjiakou, Zhangjiakou, Winter Olympics.

Original title: Chongli passenger hub passed the acceptance of this newspaper (Reporter Fengjiawei) Recently, the Chongli Passenger Transport Hub of the Traffic Infrastructure Project of Zhangjiakou District, Beijing Winter Olympics, transferred to Chongli District Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. Take over. The Chongli passenger hub is located in the south side of the Chongli City, with an area of ??more than 70,000 square meters. The construction content is the passenger hub comprehensive building, the production aid, parking lot, landscape greening and other projects, including urban comprehensive command. The center, traffic command center, tourist distribution center, long-distance passenger transportation area, tourist bus area, etc., 988 parking spaces were completed.

  When the Winter Olympics, the passenger hub will undertake a station service function and registered staff of the registered vehicle, the public transportation vehicle, and the traffic exchange translation of the venue volunteers will become a tourist integrated service in Chongrage District. The center has become a complex of travel distribution, tourism services, and commercial support.

  In addition, relying on the Chongli Smart Transportation Integrated Management Center, which is built in the passenger hub, it can realize the "Wisdom Management" of Chongli Traffic, serving the Chongli Economic and Social Development during the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

  The reporter learned that recently, with the horse behind the horse, the exhibition East, Chongli North 3 temporary transportation station is completed, and the 8 temporary transportation station in Zhangjiakou, the Beijing Winter Olympics is completed.

  The construction of Winter Olympics aims to meet the parking and transfer needs of all kinds of personnel in the game, while providing management, working, resting venues for the transportation service team, and greatly improving the level of service level and quality of service. The 8 temporary traffic fields station in Zhangjiakou Fair is the meeting exhibition, Dong’ao Village, Chess Bag, Grades, Ma Shazi, Chongli North, Chongli South and Prince City, with 1396 parking bus, 2602 cars Safeguards, fully meet the traffic organization and related vehicles parking requirements. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

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